Hesston 4790

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Shipment Title:Hesston 4790
Shipment ID: 652517521
Customer:Blake H.
Date Listed:6/7/2014 2:56 PM CST
Date Updated: 7/14/2014 1:28 PM CST
Ended: 6/17/2014 2:57 PM CST
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# of Bids: 5 (0 Active)
Auction Goods:Other
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Origin, Destination, & Route Information
Business (with loading dock or forklift)
Pickup: Ready Now

Est. Distance: 1,072.00 Miles
Business (with loading dock or forklift)
Delivery: ASAP
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Hesston 4790
Needs assistance loading: No
Total Weight: 17593 lbs
Needs assistance unloading: No
On a truck or trailer: No
Weight: 17593 lbs
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W. Weight 17593 lbs
Additional Information: comes with bale accumulator I do not know the specific dimensions of it are. should be pretty light considering. if any questions I will do my best to answer them. Report a Violation
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Accepted 6/15
4.9/5 | 678 reviews
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Cancelled 6/10
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