Getting Roux to the farm

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Shipment Title:Getting Roux to ...
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Customer:Dawn B.
Date Listed:1/12/2011 7:25 PM CST
Date Updated: 1/16/2011 1:03 AM CST
Ended: 2/28/2011 7:25 PM CST
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Pickup: 1/13/2011 To 2/28/2011

Est. Distance: 4,616.00 Miles
Delivery: 1/13/2011 To 2/28/2011
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Getting Roux to the farm

Total Dogs: 1

Total Weight: 92 lbs

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Additional Information: I am very flexiable with details. I can put her on the plane here myself. She can go just to gainsville where my mother can pick her up. Or many different ways to get my wonderful dog to the farm before an upcoming deployment Report a Violation
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Hi, does Roux have his current health and rabies certificates? If I deliver Roux to Orlando, can he be picked up from there? I am looking at submitting a bid, but need this information, Thanks, BrianReport a Violation
Response: Hi Brian, Thanx for taking the time to look. Both Continental and Delta fly into Orlando but niether one will having anything with pressureized cargos into Gainville until summer. Unfortunately my mother won't be able to get to MCO at any good predictable times due to work and car issues. Jacksonville could work better but once agian nothing til summer. If you can make this happen in any way please bid. I really need this with spouse leaving soon and baby on the way with a toddler in the house and working full time I'm having a really hard time getting her walked and taken care of. She's a great dog who went through a lot during Katrina and I hate for her to be ignored like she is right now. I know she'll do good on my mom's farm if I can just get her there. 1/15/2011Report a Violation
Response: Hi, I submitted the bid to have you bring Roux to the Ted Stevens Airport in Anchorage and I will fly with him and deliver him to your Mom's residence in Bell. This is a climate controlled baggage hold, would need to do it on or near the 19th January. Thanks, Brian1/15/2011Report a Violation
Response: I will make sure that Roux will be ready on what ever day and at whatever time that is needed for this to happen. Again I can't begin to thank you enough. Her Rabies and Health are dated for the 31st of Dec 2010. Will this be acceptable?1/16/2011Report a Violation
Response: The health and certifications need to be within 30 days, did they expire on 12/31? If they were issued on 12/31 they are current. Brian1/16/2011Report a Violation
Hi, if you would like to ship Roux in cargo to Orlando I will pick him up at Orlando airport and drive him to your Moms house for $250. Report a Violation
Hi Dawn, there is a large difference in making an actual bid to fly with a live animal and handel the costs and arrangements, and be available if there are delays or flight cancellations to care for Roux than merely making a comment. If you simply send Roux "air cargo" and there are delays or problems, she sits in the kennel for undetermined amounts of time. The manner of transport my bid includes insures she will be watered, walked and fed during any delays. Please send any other questions you have. If you accept my bid we can communicate directly by phone and I am based in Alaska. My time frame is the 19th or 18th of January and if there are no delays, Roux will arrive in Bell the same day. Thank you, BrianNot in Violation
Hi Dawn, my offer of 250 is good for what ever day you decide to fly Roux to Fl. As you can see from my feedback I specailize in pet transportation. i am the #1 air pet transporter on Uship. I have over 60 completed successful deliveries. I could place a bid to ride on the same flight as Roux, however in the interest of keeping your cost to a minimum I suggest you make his flight arrangement. Some airlines also offer a military discount. Once you deliver Roux to the airport, usually 3 hours before the flight, the airline attends to the dog. Only authorized airline personnel have access to the dog through out the flight. If there are any delays the airline employees are the only one that have access to him and will feed and water him so there is no need for me to fly with him. Report a Violation
Ps. If Jacksonville is easier or cheaper thats fine as well :)Report a Violation
Hi Dawn, my bid includes providing the kennel, the fees for the airline, the costs to transport Roux from the airport to Bell and if the connection in Seattle is delayed or cancelled, Roux will have personal care. I have a place to stay in Seattle in that case, where she can be outside, several acres, not cooped up in a kennel. If you add up the costs, they are the same, except roux will have a personal escort with me, instead of indifferent airline personnell. Thank you, BrianReport a Violation
Hi Dawn, I revised the bid to clearly indicate it includes delivering Roux to Bell, all transport fees and includes transporting an additional box of up to 50 lbs. of pet supplies. I will need to transport Roux on the 18th or 19th and need to schedule soon. Thank you, BrianReport a Violation
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