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Shipment Title:Garfield
Shipment ID: 171391863
Customer:D K.
Date Listed:4/15/2013 8:32 PM CST
Date Updated: 5/12/2013 6:39 PM CST
Ended: 4/25/2013 8:32 PM CST
Budget: Max
# of Bids: 4 (0 Active)
Auction Goods:No
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Est. Distance: 190.00 Miles
Delivery: ASAP
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  • Console
  • 4 ft 10 in. 
  • 2 ft 0 in. 
  • 3 ft 1 in. 
  • 325 lbs
  • Yes
Just the piano needs to be relocated from a ranch style house to my house in Fortson, GA. No stairs both houses are ground level entrances.
White Glove, Blanket Wrap
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will there be any help with the loading of the piano?Report a Violation
Response: No sorry there won't be.4/15/2013Report a Violation
Is iready to go within the hour or so?. I will be in the area and can pickup and deliver. is the piano ackward or would I need a second person?.Report a Violation
Response: I am about 4 hours away and would need to get to Garfield to let you in to pick it up. One person would not be able to handle it.4/19/2013Report a Violation
What is your budget?. can it be rolled out to the cargo trailer I am hauling?. Report a Violation
Response: Not sure about the trailer. It does have rollers on the bottom.4/19/2013Report a Violation
Hi wounder if I cam help solve your difficulties with movement of PIANO I have a PROPER SET OF PIANO DOLLYS These secure one dolly too each side if the piano then the dollys lift 2"-3" 0ff the Floor and the piano will easily roll around almost any were with little & effortlessly I use a walk out 20'ft x 3' walk out ramp to roll outside\inside and easily rolls into our trailers and all these is done after the entire piano is blanket &Plastic wrapped entirely to protect your baby's FINISH & not take chances too harm frame or casters. There not designed too roll on when moving from location too location. We need a little flexibility on dates too pickup & delivery is these possable and how much can be given ... ref our $400.00 bidReport a Violation
Response: That sounds wonderful when would you be available to pick it up? Are you also bidding $400.00 for the job? I thought I accepted your bid, but it shows expired. Did you get my acceptance? If not could you resend the bid? Very much would like to business with you.4/20/2013Report a Violation
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Cancelled 4/21
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Blanket Wrap
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Blanket Wrap