Ford 4000 Farm Tractor

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Shipment Title:Ford 4000 Farm T...
Shipment ID: 186709010
Customer:John G.
Date Listed:12/21/2011 9:30 PM CST
Date Updated: 12/22/2011 6:13 PM CST
Ended: 1/16/2012 10:59 PM CST
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Ford 4000 Farm Tractor
Origin, Destination, & Route Information
Business (without loading dock or forklift)
Pickup: Ready Now

Est. Distance: 528.00 Miles
Business (with loading dock or forklift)
Delivery: ASAP
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Ford 4000 Farm Tractor
Needs assistance loading: Yes
Total Weight: 4000 lbs
Needs assistance unloading: No
On a truck or trailer: No
Length: 10 ft 9 in. 
Width: 7 ft 2 in. 
Height: 6 ft 9 in. 
Weight: 4000 lbs
Measurements: Estimate (my best guess)
Additional Information: Cooperative seller will help load at his farm. Tractor runs. There will be a few loose parts to load including an extra tire mounted on a wheel. Tractor has been hauled on a 16 foot car trailer before. Report a Violation
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Could you confirm the width please? I only have 81" between my wheel wells on my trailer.Report a Violation
Response: The seller provided the measurement. It looks too close for comfort.12/22/2011Report a Violation
Would you entertain an offer to haul the tractor and the dodge cab and chassis on the same load?Report a Violation
Response: Absolutely. It makes perfect sense to do that.12/22/2011Report a Violation
Response: I have 35' so will that work?12/22/2011Report a Violation
Response: It would probably take it all but I'll bet it will work.12/22/2011Report a Violation
Response: You are ready to ship anytime before the 16th, I assume that everything else is ready to go?12/22/2011Report a Violation
Response: Final coordination with the sellers will be required but both have been ready--they will tell you they have been waiting on me a long time to get truck and tractor picked up. The 16th was just an outside date answer to a uShip question--everything can happen much sooner.12/22/2011Report a Violation
Response: Thanks.12/22/2011Report a Violation
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