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Shipment Title:DOUBLE WIDE 28X6...
Shipment ID: 390296894
Customer:Joseph G.
Date Listed:6/30/2008 11:45 AM CST
Date Updated: 7/11/2008 12:09 AM CST
Ended: 7/14/2008 12:00 AM CST
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Est. Distance: 49.00 Miles
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  • Total Number of Items: 1
  • Total Weight: 10000 lbs
  • Palletized: No
  • Crated: No
  • Stackable: No
  • Item #1
  • This is a 1989 Champion Doublewide home. Total size is 28x60, each half is 14 x60 when disassembled.
  • L: 60 ft 0 in.  W: 28 ft 0 in.  H: 12 ft 0 in. 
  • 10000 lbs
Additional Information: Its currently located in a trailer park in Martinsburg PA. We would like to have it moved to Wayne Twnsp 5 miles outside of Mount Union PA. The total one way move is 50 miles. The book value of this home is at $19,500. It needs to be seperated and located to the new property. You will need to bring the hitches, axles and wheels just like when the home was new and delivered to the site. I will unwire, undo the water connection (its turned off in the street already) and remove and cap the sewer hook-up. Local price to do this move has varied. The highest so far was $8500 and the lowest was $4000. Its all about saving money and still getting the job done. Last time I tried U-Ship every bid that I received was much higher than that of online companies or much higher than locals. I was told U-Ship is the place to go to save money but I haven't seen that yet. If you have a good reputation/feedback and are lower than $5000 you have my attention. This home does not need moved until September 25th 2008. If need be I can be of assistance in the seperation process and put back together process and/or bring manpower. Let me know. Report a Violation
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I don't quite follow your method of transport, if it is a doublewide you just install axles, tires and hitches, spread apart, lower to ground, and wrap. I have been doing this for 26 years. I believe this will cost you more than the home is worth. A 1989 champion is not worth spending any money on. A move like this is around 8 to 12 thousand depending on many different variables. Report a Violation
i agree with the above as far as the method of "loading",unless it is a modular with no frames, the price for doublewide move of this distance runs around 3500. to move and park, another 3000 to reset. a modular is more in the 10, to 12 thousand ballpark...I am sure your home is worth moving, it is after all your home. i wish you the best, let me know if you have any questions.. Report a Violation
Response: What is your question??? I see your statements but no question(s). Yes, this is a doublewide home. Exactly how much are we talking here is far as price is concerned? I see your bid is 4500. All I am looking to do is have this thing seperated and moved to our new property and set on the new foundation. I assume "reset" means putting it back together again. BY THE WAY, I DO NOT "BABYSIT" MY COMPUTER ALL DAY !!! I DO HAVE A LIFE OUTSIDE OF IT !!! If you want business fine, let me know. I am not here to play games.7/9/2008Report a Violation
Response: sorry, i do not think i need your biz.. you are being rude over nothing, nobody asked you to babysit anything, but when someone takes time to ask you a question or place a bid, you should have at least give time to be courteous and give some kinda reply.. geeez, is common courtesy dead? 7/9/2008Report a Violation
i guess this is dead, no response..Report a Violation
Response: Obviously when you left the response "i guess this is dead, no response" on the same day that you placed a bid you are assuming that I am just sitting here "BABYSITTING" my computer just waiting for the utmost second that someone finally responds to my ad!!! Ha ha. I hope that others can read this, this is great!!! Its people like you that I live for. You think that I'm being rude? Anyone that would do what you have done is at the top of the rude scale. You need a mirror placed in front of your monitor. 7/9/2008Report a Violation
Response: good luck to you.7/10/2008Report a Violation
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