Console Piano Moved

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Shipment Title:Console Piano Moved
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Customer:Kacy P.
Date Listed:2/13/2013 9:16 PM CST
Date Updated: 2/21/2013 10:47 AM CST
Ended: 2/18/2013 9:16 PM CST
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Console Piano Moved
  • Console
  • 2 ft 0 in. 
  • 5 ft 0 in. 
  • 3 ft 6 in. 
  • 300 lbs
  • Yes
I want it moved safely and I really don't want anything to happen to it like scratches, broken legs etc.
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Kacy I 'll be going from Tx. to Boise, Id. around 2/28. I could bring the piano back with me but it would have to be crated and wrapped in plastic as I do not have an enclosed trailer. It would have to be loaded in Utah for me but I have a son in Lubbock that could help unload it there. I could pick it up between 3/1- 3/2. I can transport it but I don't pkg. it or load it. I could do it for $585. James Dennis Brownwood, Tx.Report a Violation
Response: James, unfortunately I don't have the availability to her it crated. Getting someone to help load wouldn't be a problem but I would actually like to have it hauled enclosed due to weather.2/13/2013Report a Violation
Response: I understand . Good luck on it.2/13/2013Report a Violation
Any stairs? If so, how many steps? Can pick up this weekend to monday inside enclosed trailer for $1100. Labor included.Report a Violation
Response: There are no stairs other then one getting into pick up and one getting into house. Both are front rooms of houses. Unfortunately that is more then I can afford to pay for shipping. Thanks so much though.2/14/2013Report a Violation
We can wrap it in plastic, then shrink wrap it, then cover it with moving pads and a tarp then put it into the bed of my pickup, (I WILL NEED HELP LOADING IT) The piano will be completely out of the weather. $500.00 total, let me know. David Report a Violation
Response: I actually don't feel comfortable having it just in a truck. I am wanting it covered in an enclosed trailer. Thanks so much for offer though.2/18/2013Report a Violation
Response: It will be well protected, but I understand, if you change your mind let me know.2/18/2013Report a Violation
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