Cassie from Garland TX to Owego, NY

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Customer:Nancy M.
Date Listed:3/6/2014 10:16 AM CST
Date Updated: 3/15/2014 4:25 PM CST
Ended: 3/22/2014 4:25 PM CST
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Cassie from Garland TX to Owego, NY

Total Dogs: 1

Total Weight: 70 lbs

  • Yes
  • Bathroom break every 4 hours
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I can pick up Cassie this Sunday, deliver within 3 to 4 days for $395. Please see our feedback and profile page, we are Uship's #1 ranked Pet Transporter! Thanks.Report a Violation
Response: Ok, she needs out by Friday as they only have a 48 hour hold, I am working on finding a place for her. What does she need to travel? Thanks If Mckinney is going to be a problem just let me know. thanks3/6/2014Report a Violation
Response: A copy of shot records works, some food for the trip also. We wouldn't be able to pick up before Sunday due to other obligations.3/6/2014Report a Violation
Response: Ok, I am going to call the shelter, to see if there is anything I can do, as I cannot find any place to board her, very discouraging. She has her shots, but I cannot get anyone to help, she is off hold tomorrow, the only thing I could think of was to readopt her, will call and find out if that would be doable. If she is still mine after tomorrow, I will use you to ship, but, I have to wait till tomorrow, to see what happens. Thanks you for your patience.3/6/2014Report a Violation
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