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Shipment Title:Cary Safe
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Customer:Bryan M.
Date Listed:5/3/2013 5:41 PM CST
Date Updated: 6/7/2013 8:09 PM CST
Ended: 6/8/2013 10:03 AM CST
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Cary Safe
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Est. Distance: 152.00 Miles
Delivery: ASAP
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Cary Safe
  • This is a floor safe made in the late 1800s or early 1900s. It is on wheels but they are in line and non directional.
  • 2 ft 3 in. 
  • 4 ft 0 in. 
  • 5 ft 0 in. 
  • 2000 lbs
Not packaged
will require rollback wrecker or trailer with winch.
White Glove, Blanket Wrap, LTL Freight and Packaging, LTL Standard, Other, Courier Service
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Hello Bryon and welcome to Uship! I commute from near Auburn to Charlotte every week, with an F350. What's your budget, and do you have any help to load/unload this? I have an engine hoist, and I was thinking we could use it??Report a Violation
Response: I am currently the only help but I have friends in the area of pickup. I plan to buy nylon straps to hoist with. Will your engine hoist pick the safe up high enough?5/4/2013Report a Violation
Response: I think if we lay it on its side we can make it happen?? I have moved several safes over the years and I know they are heavy but 2000 lbs seems real heavy! Usually 3 or 4 men can lift 90% of them. 5/4/2013Report a Violation
Response: I thought 2000 was heavy too but, I had a safe expert tell me that it was that much.5/4/2013Report a Violation
Response: Ok does $200 sound fair and I will make it happen? How close can I get the truck on both ends?5/4/2013Report a Violation
Response: The price sounds fair. The safe can be pushed into the driveway and should be able to be pushed into the garage on the delivery end. Will we need additional bodies to help?5/4/2013Report a Violation
Response: Yes it would be nice to have extra help, but I'm going to place a bid so we can exchange contct info and make this happen!5/4/2013Report a Violation
are the dates firm or flexible?Report a Violation
Response: Flexible. We are waiting on a closing date on the house which may speed things up. I am only available on weekends and usually Fridays.5/4/2013Report a Violation
Response: what price range are you looking at? 5/4/2013Report a Violation
Response: I just had an offer of $200.00.5/4/2013Report a Violation
Hello - I have truck avail now asap F450 my little truck - a couple of guys slide on its back pick up today ? tomorrow same day delivery -please read my info and feedbacks Report a Violation
Response: This is a floor safe that weighs at least 2000lbs. I had one guy come out and thought he could toss it into a truck and left with his tail tucked. 6/1/2013Report a Violation
Response: Yes i noticed that. And. Underbid. The job. It would. Take. 5. Guys. To get that in bed. Of truck. Ill bid. On the job. Using. A hd trailer. 6/1/2013Report a Violation
Response: I. Used to work for. Lock smith. I bid. Knowing. What is involved. That safe. Probally fire safe Concrete. Filled. Book now. I can get this done tomrrow. Please read my info. And feedbacks. Thanks6/1/2013Report a Violation
Response: Ok bid is in yes there are many out there. That think nothing nothing about what is involved I have. Several ways we can do. This. My bid is in. Please accept. Hope you have read my Info and feedbacks. Im avail. Tomorrow tp get this done and monday if needed. Quick acceptance and we can finalize over phone. Thanks. 6/1/2013Report a Violation
Ok. I have equiment to haul this. What is hold up.,,??/?/ Not in Violation
could you and friends get it on pallet? have pallet jack that would do the job. RobnlynetteReport a Violation
Response: I don't have a way to put it on a pallet. It is on wheels that are unidirectional.6/1/2013Report a Violation
Ok whats hold up. I have trailer made to handle this. Bid expires in a hour. Have ypu Read my imfo. Delays are holding up getting this done. ..tnksNot in Violation
this is not going to move for free ! not trying to be rude here - just inform - lots of work involved - I dropped offer low as possible - Not in Violation
Response: I appreciate your bid and I understand you have a schedule and so do I. This bid is open until June 8th and I am not ready to accept any bid at this time.6/2/2013Report a Violation
Response: guess you have not read my info or feedbacks ?? delays hold up everything -- im located NEAR Dublin GA -- Going to Auburn Al Area in a few will have trailer capable to handle this I could do this tomorrow why drag it out ??? I bid well below norm --please READ my feedbacks real close this helps understand what is involved in a bid Thanks6/2/2013Not in Violation
unless you want another to go home tail tucked again ???? im offering to get it done - I moved many old safes - ThanksNot in Violation
Response: Not sure what Auburn,AL has to do with anything as far as I am concerned. If you can't so this on my time line then I guess you can't. Thanks for your bid.6/2/2013Report a Violation
Response: going to auburn in 2 days to pick up a 2 Door Wells Fargo safe - with my custom built trailer I would just make a detour to do this asap - read my info please --Thanks6/2/2013Report a Violation
ok open - Monday -wed next week - this time around I don't have fork lift -had it last weekend - but it is booked for a 2 week job if you have help - to push into trailer - and roll off -- is pick up location and delivery location - level and able to handle 32 foot enclosed trailer---thanksReport a Violation
Response: I have made other arrangements to move the safe. Thank you for your interest. I have made other arrangements to move the safe. Thank you for your interest.6/7/2013Report a Violation
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