Allis-Chalmers HD21P

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Shipment Title:Allis-Chalmers HD21P
Shipment ID: 345186368
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Date Listed:6/18/2014 11:30 PM CST
Date Updated: 8/10/2014 4:44 PM CST
Ended: 8/20/2014 4:44 PM CST
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Allis-Chalmers HD21P
Origin, Destination, & Route Information
Business (with loading dock or forklift)
Pickup: Ready Now

Est. Distance: 1,752.00 Miles
Business (with loading dock or forklift)
Delivery: ASAP
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Allis-Chalmers HD21P
Needs assistance loading: No
Total Weight: 60000 lbs
Needs assistance unloading: No
On a truck or trailer: No
Length: 24 ft 0 in. 
Width: 13 ft 0 in. 
Height: 10 ft 0 in. 
Weight: 60000 lbs
Measurements: Exact (measured)
Additional Information: Dimensions are with blade mounted. Machine needs to be moved with blade on. One extra track needs to be moved with it as well. Report a Violation
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With the blade on at 13 ft very expensive, need 18888 with blade on. Please remove blade it will be cheaper as California is very expensive for permits and pilot cars.FROM JOHN AT HEAD OF THE PACK TRANSPORTReport a Violation
Response: Your price is unrealistic.6/21/2014Report a Violation
blade has to come off I can do this and we can stand blade up and transport with no problems Report a Violation
we just did one like this to az only permit was for height for blade no pilot car needed Report a Violation
is this still need shipping Report a Violation
Response: Yes, if the listing is up it hasn't been moved. The blade does not have to be removed. If you route around CA pilot cars are only needed to get to the interstate in WA and through OR. 6/26/2014Report a Violation
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