9 Large Wooden Crates Containing Wood Fan Blades

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Ended: 8/21/2014 7:51 PM CST
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9 Large Wooden Crates Containing Wood Fan Blades
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9 Large Wooden Crates Containing Wood Fan Blades
  • 9 wood fan blades each in their own wood shipping crate.
  • 12 ft 0 in. 
  • 4 ft 0 in. 
  • 1 ft 8 in. 
  • 5400 lbs
Each wood crate is approximately 12 feet long and 600 pounds for a total of 5,400 pounds.
NASA is requesting a flat bed truck or a flat bed trailer so it will be easier to load. Items are stackable up to 5 high.
White Glove, Blanket Wrap, LTL Freight and Packaging, LTL Standard, Other, Courier Service
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Chad, If dont work out, still in for same price, just let me know. Thanks, MikeReport a Violation
I am still in at same price I qouted you on your first listing. Just let me know first. Thanks, MikeReport a Violation
Response: Thanks Mike but the margin is too close on this deal. Looks like I'll have to make the trip myself if I can find a truck.8/10/2014Report a Violation
Chad, if 2585.13 total helps, just let me know. Thanks, MikeReport a Violation
Thanks for bid request but our bid is already in Report a Violation
Response: I'm sorry, I didn't mean to hit that button! I wanted to ask you a question...how long is the trailer you would be using and what is your weight capacity?8/12/2014Report a Violation
Response: its 24 foot and we can haul 9000lbs of cargo8/12/2014Report a Violation
Response: OK thanks. I'm concerned that NASA did not represent the weight of each crate correctly. They listed each unit with estimated weight of 550 pounds.I rounded up for this auction just to be safe. When I referenced another source, it mentioned the blade itself weighs 550 pounds. Therefore the crate weight was not factored in their estimate. So assuming another 200 pounds each, that would take weight up to around 6,750 pounds. AND there's one other consideration...NASA has 2 other pallets that are coming to me. They are standard size, weigh 200 pounds each and are 2 feet tall. They will need to be tarped. Let me know if you can still do the run with this information and let me know if I can/should add this info to the Uship info. I'm new to Uship so I'm not sure what they allow. Thanks!8/12/2014Report a Violation
Response: that's fine with us. just book the load and we will take care of it for you.8/12/2014Report a Violation
Response: Thank you for the quick reply. I have to speak with a local driver Wednesday morning and will most likely be turning him down. He is figuring his price tonight. Thanks.8/12/2014Report a Violation
Response: ok sir just let us know as early as possible because we were already planning how to pick it up tomorrow if accepted 8/12/2014Report a Violation
Response: OK will do. Do you have a fax machine available? I will need to send you the purchaser's receipts for the lots that will include the name of the driver. This NASA location will badge the driver before allowing on the property and the custodian will need to know the approximate arrival time. Arrival time will need to be before 2pm according to the NASA custodian. Thanks8/12/2014Report a Violation
Response: no problem we have it all covered .. we are about 3 hours away from hampton and we can be ready to leave with a hours notice ....we will be waiting your decision 8/12/2014Report a Violation
Response: Awesome! Thanks8/12/2014Report a Violation
Response: good night 8/12/2014Report a Violation
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