7 goats, 3 alpacas, 2 llamas

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7 goats, 3 alpacas, 2 llamas
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Additional Information: Male / Female goats must be seperated from each other as well as from the alpacas & LLamas Report a Violation
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Shipping is not a problem whatsoever IF it is possible to transport a few days later than what you have scheduled (may not be necessary but could be). My trailer nose has a 7' x7' x 28" compartment if you have other items.Report a Violation
Response: Thank you for your response. We have 'no' hard date yet, just a time estimate, could be sooner or later. We are in the process of selling our home in Ca. and moving to Montana. One question...We would need a transfer vehicle that can separate the animals, such as, we have a cashmere buck that would need to be alone, we would need an area for the 3 alpacas, a separate holding area for the 2 llamas, and separate area for 1 cashmere doe and her female yearling and another for 1 cashmere doe and her 2 yearlings. offspring. This would be 5 separated compartments for these animals. Is that doable???9/3/2011Report a Violation
It's doable. My trailer (see UShip profile for dkranch54) has 1 divider gate, so I would need to put up 3 temporary walls...no big deal, I do it fairly often. It just takes a little time to put them up...maybe 10 minutes each. Another option is a combination of seperating walls and pens. I can use pens made of cow panels (large gauge steel but small squares if you know what I mean). Using the cow panel pens I could put goats in the same compartment but still have them seperated. I transport rescued Great Pyrenees guardian dogs from near Houston to Portland/Seattle. Typically I carry over 15 dogs. Anyway I do that every 4-6 weeks and it is a MUST. I usually go from the middle of the month to the 20th or thereabouts. I could "drop down south" to CA from Portland on my Oct or Nov trip (if you were ready) and transport to MT. The profile photo does not show the paneling/insulation on the walls and ceiling. It is a very comfortable ride for the animals! I grew up in SW Montana Report a Violation
Response: Hi Doug! Read your reviews and your email. We feel that you seem to be quite competent and well liked. Our animals are family to us and we have been so concerned about this long trip for them. After reading everything, I get the feeling you know what you are doing and have integrity and heart towards the animals and their well being. This means the world to us. Our goats are cashmeres with horns. The females are gentle and the young buck is gentle, but our mature buck named 'Buck' can have his moments. He is sweet but does use his horns, especially in rut. We have 5 female goats, 2 of which are the mothers of the 3 yearlings and these 2 mothers do not get along, especially in small areas. Annie likes to beat up Izzy, so separation is required. The 3 alpacas get along great and the 2 llamas get along great. Have many questions, too many for email. I am not sure how this site works but would like to give you our number or get yours so we can speak. 9/4/2011Report a Violation
(Continued) going back myself...hopefully next spring...the Mission Valley north of Missoula. Be prepared!!! Thw wind blows there and it gets cold! Bury your plumbing 6 feet deep! That tells you a lot right there. Have plenty of good hay on hand, a plan for water if it freezes up and good shelter. I grew up on a ranch there so experienced it first hand. I would be glad to transport and help anyway I can. Dkranch54 (Doug).Report a Violation
Response: cont... Thanks for the tips on Montana. My husband and I are in our 50's as well. I was raised in Washington and spent 50 years there raising my 6 children. My husband is from Houston, TX. born and raised, so we are not native Californians. Have only been here 4 years. You mentioned you have and like dogs. We have a 160 Leonberger. That is a German breed of a cross between Saint Bernard, Newfoundland, and great pyrenees. She is a sweetheart. She will be traveling to Montana with us. Look forward to speaking with you. God Bless! Kenneth and Lori [removed phone number] 9/4/2011In Violation
Response: Okay...after your description of the personalities of the goats, and the fact they are horned and, of course know how to use them I have a better understanding of what is needed. I can "wall off" sections to seperate the different groups pretty easy. It will be a bit inconvenient getting to them to feed and water them but I can make it work. I have to make the walls seperating each group (especially the goats) tall enough so that they cannot jump over them (or even think about trying) but leave a gap below the roof so that I can crawl over the top to tend to them. I've done it many times. It may not look the prettiest, but it works and is practical. I don't ask people to give me a good recommendation. All the comments you read are from people who voluntarily took the time to comment. Probably less than 10% of the people do so, but it is a representative sample. As for my perspective, I've only had a couple that were not good people...the worst a woman (con artist) from WA stat9/4/2011Report a Violation
Response: Hi Doug, Just so you know, our goats are not jumpers. Cashmeres are for the most part gentle with people. (except 'Buck', he is a year and a half and likes to be petted but he does not understand the power of his horns. He got Kenneth last week in the leg and he is still healing from a deep puncture.) The girls are sweet and love being petted but Annie goes after Izzy and her baby. In a large field they are fine because they can run away, so just worried about transport. Buck will do damage to the fencing if he gets in a ramming mood. Best to keep him with a strong fence or wall. You have the job! The trip will be from Auga Dulce, Ca. to Helena, Mt. Being from Montana as you are, would you happen to know if it is possible to locate someone who has the boarding facilities to keep our animals for up to a few weeks, as we will most likely be needing to put up fencing and such once we arrive.... (to contine)... 9/4/2011Report a Violation
Response: Goats, like all animals, have their pecking order and the one female will constantly remind the other she is dominant over her. Anyway, I will seperate them and eliminate any potential problems/injuries. I don't know anyone in the Helena area offhand. I went to the University of Montana with some guys from Helena but that was 34 years ago...I graduated in 1977 (Range and Wildlife habitat Mgm't.). I would check the local paper or run an add in the local paper. One thing I can tell you about Montana....they like their beer, wine, and hard liquor. If there is a post office I guarantee there will be a bar. The bar is the source of all local information. It is the social gathering place. I drink very little myself, but wouldn't hesitate to visit the bar and have a beer or two to obtain information or put the word out about something. Montana people are very sociable in general. 9/4/2011Report a Violation
Response: Doug, Thank you for all your help. Kenneth and I have decided to hire you for our animal move. Like I said, we have not got a firm date but will let you know as soon as we do. This site is restrictive or I am not familiar with it's workings. What is the next step. How do we make contact. I tried to send our number and got an email from U-Ship, stating I had been red flagged for doing so. You will need to let us know what we do next. How do we find out the price, etc. Thanks for everything, hope to speak with you soon. Lori and Kenneth9/4/2011Report a Violation
Hello Kenneth/Lori, UShip won't allow any exchange of contact information untile a formal bid is both given and accepted. DougReport a Violation
Response: Well that answers the question I just sent to you! :) Thanks! How do we go about the formal bid?9/4/2011Report a Violation
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