50 file cabinets + 12 boxes for transport

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Shipment Title:50 file cabinets...
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Customer:N T.
Date Listed:10/3/2011 9:09 PM CST
Date Updated: 11/12/2011 9:09 PM CST
Ended: 3/30/2012 1:59 AM CST
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50 file cabinets + 12 boxes for transport
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50 file cabinets + 12 boxes for transport
Total furniture items: 2
Total Weight: 435 lbs
Palletized: No
Crated: No
Stackable: Yes
12 Cartons. Letter file sized. Contents are binders with contents and misc office equipment. Weight is estimated, each. I may be able to shrink wrap and place the boxes on pallet.
L: 1 ft 4 in.  W: 1 ft 0 in.  H: 1 ft 0 in. 
35 lbs
(50) file cabinets, some 5-drawer, some 4-drawer. All full of paper files. Weight unknown -- estimated, each. Size indicated are for the larger 5-drawer cabinets. Refer to pictures or video. I may be able to have them shrink wrapped individually to prevent accidental drawers opening.
L: 2 ft 3 in.  W: 1 ft 3 in.  H: 5 ft 0 in. 
400 lbs
Additional Information: These are stored in a storage facility. They can be moved at any time and there is no pressing time frame. Perhaps best for a dead-header going to California. File cabinets are not but can be individually shrink wrapped. Boxes are not, but can be shrink wrapped and placed on pallet if desired. As these files are not that valuable, seeking the most economical method to get them back to me. They are to be delivered to driveway of my home. Time is flexible... next week, next months, 3 or 6 months. Most important is cost. Not in Violation
LTL Freight & Packaging, LTL Standard, Other
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can you box or secure the items to a pallet? ty elitemoversReport a Violation
Response: I thought about that. I can certainly place the loose boxes and shrink wrap them atop a pallet. But the file cabinets .... there are 50 of them. It's probably only practical to put 2, maybe 3 on each pallet. That would make for a dozen and a half strong pallets. I imagine that would add significant weight to the shipment, right? Then comes the question of how much cheaper will it cost if I do that. Because I'm currently in CA and I'd have to weigh the cost of transporting or buying 18 pallets 1500 miles away to Kansas. In short. If the price is good and it makes economic sense, I can do it.10/4/2011Report a Violation
Response: would they fill up a full semi truck if loose?10/4/2011Report a Violation
Response: No. The current rented storage space is 10x30 but you can walk around there and almost all the drawers can be opened. If packed tight, it would probably fill up 10x16 or 10x20. The listing should have a small 1 minute video. Take a look at it. It shows everything there. Basically 50 file cabinets and 12 small boxes. I am very flexible -- next month, next 3 months, whatever. Best candidate for this job is someone deadheading this way and want to avoid an unloaded trip.10/4/2011Report a Violation
Response: i can do it for 3299.00 if you load and unload10/4/2011Report a Violation
Response: That might work but how much time will I have to load/unload? Does the truck have a lift gate or only a ramp? Also, because I am in California now, we would have to make arrangements for me to travel to Kansas and that might not be for a few months since my vacation time for this year is already used up.10/4/2011Report a Violation
Response: 2hours to load and 2 hours to unload, on full trucks most dont have lift gates10/4/2011Report a Violation
Response: I see. Unloading locally probably won't be a problem as I have a tractor with pallet fork attachment on location to assist. But in Kansas, I will need to do further checking to see about maybe renting loading equipment. There is no loading dock at that location. Also, you do understand we are talking 50 file cabinets right? If I travel there, I could take the 12 boxes with my own vehicle. But... If the truck is full as you say, how will they fit in there?10/4/2011Report a Violation
Response: no it will have enough room10/4/2011Report a Violation
Response: Thank you. I've added you to my favorites so I can contact you when I'm ready to do this. Since it involves me loading up the truck, I will only be able to do this when I can get away long enough to make the trip. A few final questions? (1) Does your truck have a pallet jack onboard to move stuff around or is everything going to be dollied? Or are you unsure because you just own the tractor and not the container? (2) Is weight an issue? I don't know how much weight be are talking about but I could see the cabinets weighing 20,000 or so. (3) Is this your truck, or are you just the driver and the truck will be belonging to somebody else? (4) Will the truck be a tractor/trailer or will it be a box truck? Might make a difference regarding access and how to load. (5) Lastly, will you have straps to secure the load? Because I won't have any as I have no idea what type of straps your truck will need. Thanks for all your time to answer questions.10/4/2011Report a Violation
Response: the truck will have a pallet jack and straps, it will be a 53 foot semi truck10/4/2011Report a Violation
Response: OK. That sounds good. I will be in touch and inquire once I have my schedule down and check with Kansas area equipment rentals regarding getting a forklift to help load onto truck. 10/4/2011Report a Violation
Response: ok sounds good.10/4/2011Report a Violation
Are we dealing with 20,000#'s+ here? 50 X 400 plus the boxes?Report a Violation
Response: Hi. I am unable to weigh the file cabinets. Some are 4-drawer, most are 5-drawer. All are filled with files. I estimate 400# each but they might be more or less -- I could be way off. What happened was I flew there to inspect them and therefore was unable to take anything back, otherwise I would've taken the 12 boxes (file boxes, not large) back with me and just left the file cabinets. They are not in a hurry and delivery can be any time, any day, next month, 3-months, whatever. Most important is cost since they aren't that valuable. If you frequently make trips and travel this way empty, it might be a good way for you to fill up your truck. I don't care if you need to do multiple trips either. In any event, there are 50 file cabinets which are my primary concern and if necessary, I can get the boxes myself if necessary. But in answer to your question: 50 file cabinets + 12 boxes or 50 file cabinets. See pictures and video -- it's exactly what is pictured.10/19/2011Report a Violation
Thanks for your response. I only have a 16' long cargo trailer so I couldn't get these all in one load and I don't have any plans to be back in this area for quite a while. Good luck getting these shipped.Report a Violation
Hello. I will have my moving van on the way to CA in about a week, We can swing by to load it all, NO middle man games here, WE DO ALL THE WORK!!! Pick up around 12th or so, delivery with in 3 days. I am working on dates to make it happen. I am looking realistically on all items. please check us out. Thank you. Alex.Report a Violation
Response: Hi and thank you for your message. The file cabinets are in Lawrence, Kansas. They are coming to CA. The key for the storage unit is here with me too. Also, did you submit a bid? Because I did not see a bid in my profile to accept. In order to make this work, I will need to send the key to the storage facility or to you so you can access the unit. Please review the pictures and description re items that need to be moved. They are not fragile so aside from maybe some shrink wrap to keep drawers from opening (or loading them so they don't open in transit), no special care need be taken. I need a firm price because I am on a really tight budget with no room for extra costs. Even my credit card is maxxed already so I can't have unexpected charges after the fact as there will be no funds. Pls bid so we can exchange contact info. Uship will strip it out if incl. here. If you regularly travel this way, this can be done anytime -- not in a hurry. Cost is more important.11/2/2011Report a Violation
Response: HI, well, most of the units are 3-4 ft in length, 5ft high and 18wide. Weigh is about 150-250 lbs, We do relocate law offices and biz on regular basis. 50 units will take about 30ft on the truck and 10-15klbs. So, its pretty large project to move. + all the boxes that you have. My rate will kill you for sure. So I will pass on it. my best. Alex. 11/2/2011Report a Violation
Response: The boxes are nothing -- I could move that with my sedan. They're just loose junk probably not even worth the move. I should've just taken those last time I was there except I flew. The file cabinets however, is my primary concern. They are more like 27" deep (I measured the ones I have at home) instead of the 3-4' you estimate, and 15" wide for the letter size, 18" wide for the legal sized ones. But they are heavy, that is for sure. Anyhow, thank for looking, Alex. I understand.11/2/2011Report a Violation
i can only do half payment at time of bid not at pick up let me know your thoughtsReport a Violation
i can do this some time this month at your convience i will load at site and help unload at delivery $2800 total let me know if your interested thanks...JDL MotorsportsReport a Violation
Response: Hi. Can you do it for $2400? I had 2 bids, one for $1900 and one for $1899. At the time, I did not have sufficient funds so I could not accept one and when I finally raised the funds, the other guy wanted money upfront before picking up and I've been alive long enough to know that when the cash is already paid, there is no real incentive to deliver my goods to me anymore when paid via cash, so I didn't feel comfortable with that arrangement. I also want to make sure your trucks can handle the weight. There are 50 file cabinets and they are full of files. I don't know how much they weight but they weigh a lot. If 300# to 350# each, that would put the total at 15k# to 20k#. My last concern is weather. I don't care about the file cabinets so much. But the files are valuable to me. With winter weather coming up, will they be transported enclosed or open? If open, will they be covered to prevent water damage? The files will be useless if wet. I have $2400 now. LMK if acceptable.11/9/2011Report a Violation
Response: I would not require payment up front my opinion is if you cant afford to bid the job and accept payment upon delivery then you shouldn't be bidding on the job any way . i have plenty of capacity with my truck and trailer . you can review my feedback which is 100% positive I can do it for $2500 and am willing to work with you on a acceptable time frame I can shrink wrap and tarp them to prevent any weather damage 11/9/2011Report a Violation
Response: Alright. I appreciate your comments. My feelings on the other bid was that my money was as good as gone once I paid it. I reluctantly agreed, uncomfortably, to pay 1/2 at pickup which he insisted. Then he said not at pickup, 1/2 payment upon bid acceptance, direct to him (bypassing this system). That was enough to throw up every red flag in my book. In any event, I will agree to $2500. I'm a 50 year old pencil pusher so not very strong but might (can't promise but hopeful) be able to drive/meet you there to open up, terminate the lease on my storage, and help you load up best I can. I have $2500 right now so I'm able to accept. In another month, who knows? Bills waiting, etc. If you'll bid the shipment, I will accept so we can exchange contact info and figure this out. Norman.11/9/2011Report a Violation
Response: ok im going to go ahead and place a bid for your consideration i will need to put a date of pick up in the bid but wish to be clear that we can negotiate a date of pick up after bid is accepted and the date is acceptable for both of us thanks JDL Motorsports11/11/2011Report a Violation
Response: Thanks. Yes, that is OK. I don't see your bid but will watch for it. 11/12/2011Report a Violation
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