48" upright piano

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Shipment Title:48" upright piano
Shipment ID: 697464613
Customer:Richard L.
Date Listed:11/28/2006 12:57 PM CST
Date Updated: 12/8/2006 11:47 AM CST
Ended: 12/18/2006 12:57 PM CST
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48" upright piano
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Pickup: Flexible

Est. Distance: 3,128.00 Miles
Delivery: Flexible
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48" upright piano
  • 2 ft 0 in. 
  • 4 ft 10 in. 
  • 4 ft 0 in. 
  • 500 lbs
  • Yes
From: walkout basement up gradual slope or 1 flight up. To: 3 steps up
Additional Information: May need crating depending on transit method. Report a Violation
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Hi, This is Eric, co-owner of an independent moving company based in Iowa City, IA. We're doing a run up to Anchorage the beginning of next week and could pick your piano up on the way. We're hoping to get another shipment to North Pole, but as of right now fairbanks would mean fairly significant extra miles. So without booking the Fairbanks area shipment, we could move it for $1,250.00. If this additional shipment comes through, we could do it for $750.00. Please let me know if you'd be interested and I'll place a bid. Thanks! Report a Violation
Response: Hi Eric, I'm very interested in getting the piano to AK. It's going to Fairbanks, so I'd be MUCH more interested if you're going to go to North Pole. When are yo going? Details... Do you go to AK often? I'm Richard12/6/2006Report a Violation
Hi Richard, We'll be leaving Iowa City this Sunday, December 10, which means we could pick up your piano in the afternoon. Delivery would be 4 to 5 days later. I'm hoping we get the load to North Pole, but the shipper has fallen out of contact so I don't have much hope. Another option would be for us to get you to Anchorage (storage possibly?) for the lower price, but don't imagine you'd be interested in that. And unfortunately, we don't go up to Alaska very often. Let me know what you think. Thanks, Eric Report a Violation
Response: Eric, I just read the What Do I Do Now? section... I'll reread and see where to go from there. Richard12/6/2006Report a Violation
Hi Richard, I'll place the bid for delivery to Fairbanks with the assumption I won't get the North Pole load, but if by chance I do I'll move the piano for the lower price. (It's a Uship shipment, so for transparency's sake you can keep tabs -- check under multistate for a load from Nebraska to AK and you'll see our correspondence so far...) If you want to accept the bid we can work out the details from there. We collect on delivery, and the only payment form we don't accept is personal check. Hope we can work with you! Best, Eric Report a Violation
Response: Eric, Price for additional insurance to $6000? (replacement value)12/7/2006Report a Violation
Thanks for the question, our Full Replacement Value Coverage with a zero deductible and $6000 limit will cost $204.00. (Our tarrif FVRP rates are doubled for shipments to or from AK, otherwise it would be $102.00) You don't have to decide on the insurance until we p/u the piano. Hope this answers your question. BillyReport a Violation
Response: I'm sorry, Billy. I'm just full of questions. But only one more... When I make a decision about the insurance at pickup, will you want me to pay for the insurance up front? Please let me know. I'm feeling I will push the accept button...12/7/2006Report a Violation
Yes, we accept payment in cash, cashiers check, money order or VISA/MC + 4% a Surcharge upon delivery or pickup of you wish to pay early. -BillyReport a Violation
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