3 Bedroom Apartment

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Shipment Title:3 Bedroom Apartment
Shipment ID: 176550030
Customer:Corey M.
Date Listed:8/17/2013 9:08 AM CST
Date Updated: 2/10/2014 11:22 AM CST
Ended: 2/20/2014 11:22 AM CST
Offer: $2,000
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3 Bedroom Apartment
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Est. Distance: 1,366.00 Miles
Delivery: ASAP
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3 Bedroom Apartment
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air conditioner, lrg2bed, queen1bike, adult1book shelf4
bookcase, 6x34bookcase, lrg4bookcase, med2bookcase, sml2
carpet 8x102chair, office1chair, overstuffed1chest, toy1
china cab, 1 pc1clothes basket1computer system1copier, table top1
desk, executive1desk, single1dresser, child1dresser, double2
dresser, single1entertain. unit, sml1hamper1lamp, floor3
lamp, floor4lamp, table2lamp, table1large boxes30
medium boxes30microwave, lrg1mirror, med2night stand1
pictures, poster10refrigerator, dormitory1sofa, 3 seat/bed1stool, bar2
table end2table, coffee1table, side3trash can1
tv console1tv stand1tv, over 21 to 412vacuum cleaner2
Additional Information: ***********Pick up date is in late May 2014 (19th - 22nd). Mover would pick the date from that window. Delivery date would be June 1st 2014. Has to be a firm delivery date.************ Report a Violation
White Glove
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Hi Corey, my name is Rocky. I live and am based out of Ft Myers. I notice both pick up and delivery are on the 13th of next February. Is there any flexibility? One day to load travel and unload would be a miracle. Let me know how flexible you are. I look forward to hopefully earning your business =). Have a good weekend. Report a Violation
Response: Oh geez. I think the issue is I tried to pick dates in late May (pick up) and June 1st (delivery). Maybe they are only accepting dates up to the Fed date8/17/2013Report a Violation
Response: Ah... Yes I think your correct. I think Uship might only allow for planned shipping up to so far in advance. But if you give me an exact time frame (range) then I can still give you a good estimate/quote and if you decide to use my services we can work out the details. I have nothing that far out anyways. I can work around your schedule. Let me know!8/17/2013Report a Violation
Response: Pick up date is in late May 2014 (19th - 27th). You would be able to pick the date from that window, but what you pick would be THE pick up date. Delivery date would be June 1st 2014. Has to be a firm delivery date.8/17/2013Report a Violation
Response: Please read the details of my bid. They are exact with what you want. Those are the dates not the ones for 99 days. Uship only allows so far in advance. When you book with me you will have a chance to speak to me directly and I will come meet with you long before hand to go over details. Again any questions just let me know. Thanks for your time and consideration!8/17/2013Report a Violation
At $2250 I could get you lockef in todayReport a Violation
Response: Please put a bid in. I just want to make sure you read the notes, late May pick-up and firm delivery on June 1st in CT. Also, white glove service only. I also will not pay anything above and beyond the bid price but would happily have the exact amount in cash upon completion of delivery. 11/19/2013Report a Violation
Response: I'm sorry, but that doesn't comply with our terms of payment, but good luck on your search.11/19/2013Report a Violation
hi. your notes are loud an clear, and i will have no problem following those date. us express moving system is a top rated company with the dot and with an A+ score with BBB. we are not known to be the cheapest company, however we are giving you much more for your money. my rate is an all inclusive rate, and there will be no hidden fees, no last min extra costs, and we do not play the "movers games". my rate for you move will be a bid in the amount of $4200. my question is, will you also need us to do the packing for you, or will that be done by you? Report a Violation
Response: Ideally, I would like it done for me as far as breakable items. I would have no problem packing some things, like clothes, movies, and the like. I have an extensive and fragile Disney collection that I would not be comfortable packing myself.11/21/2013Report a Violation
Response: [Content removed]11/21/2013Not in Violation
Response: i am sorry, you must have gotten a very long respond from me to your email, and i thought that i was responding to someone else. i had u ship remove it and directed to the right bid.so here is the answer to your question: packing is always a separate charge from the move since it is a service by it self. it is normally $1 per cubic feet, and that will include all the boxes, and the crating for your collection. i do want to earn your business, and since i am not a broker and it will be my trucks and my crew that will be doing the service from a to z, i can do a 4800 with a full packing included in the price. that mean that you will get a full moving service, and you wont have to do anything on the day of your move other then wake up, get out of bed and watch us doing out job for you. if you dont have much to pack, then its not worth it. i will be able to give you a free box kit with about 20 boxes in all sizes, and sent it to you a few weeks before your move, and that will be for free.11/21/2013Report a Violation
if you will, accept me as your mover, we will get in contact on the phone, and we can make the right plan and the right moving strategy the will meet your needs and expectations.as far as i concern,you can pay the whole thing at the end of the job, and when you are really happy with me and my company. or you can pay it directly to u ship, and they will pay me once you approve it. Report a Violation
Response: My glass display case, which is full of my Disney and other fragile collectables, is the main photo on my listing. You can pretty well see the items within the case if you click on the picture. I would really appreciate a bid maximum, which would include the packing and the fragile items and my display case. Right now you are the most expensive bid and have no visible reviews on uship. However, after the disaster of my move down here, I am willing to pay more for a guaranteed smooth move. 11/21/2013Report a Violation
Response: fair enough. i will go ahead with $4700. full service, door to door, all glass items will be packed, all mirrors, glass doors for cabinets and all dishes will be packed by us. yes i am expensive. but i give you more for your money. my guys are working for the company, and we are not picking up day labor that doing moving today, and landscape tomorrow. my guys are trained and highly paid, so they do their job with love.i own my trucks, and they all air ride trucks and fully equip. i dont use outside carriers, and deliver all of my jobs. i start the job, and i finish the job. you will be very pleased with the way i treat my costumers and their belongings. you will never shop for movers again, you will be calling me directly, and that is a guarantee. 11/21/2013Report a Violation
Response: let me know what you have in mind, and i am sure that we will be able to find a common ground where you will be OK with the price, and i will be able to give you all that you expect of your move. 11/21/2013Report a Violation
beside,all your furniture will be wrapped for free. you can leave clothes in the dressers, as long as its not too heavy. the beds and the the furniture are part of the service i provide, and it comes as part of the rate. disassemble and reassemble, setting up your furniture in the new house is also part of the service that comes with my rate. so again, packing service is a cost that you can prevent, and i can help you plan it and help you work it out with out having you pay the extra cost. 4200 is the bid i offered, and its include all that i mentioned. if you choose to give me the chance to earn your business, accept my bid and leave at 4200. once we made contact we can go over a few options that may work for you, however i still think that it will be a waste of money. my agenda is to earn your business not just for this move but for your future moves as well. us express moving system has a reputation that speaks for it self. i am and always have been A+ rated at the BBB, and top Report a Violation
rated at the DOT ,and i am going to keep it that way for years to come. you will choose a company that really cares, and we are not part of the movers games and tricks that are so well known out there. my rates may be higher, and my answers be firm, but they are the truth, and trust your belongings to a company that will not sale them self short, just so they can get in the door. please check my reviews, and i hope you will give me the chance to earn your business . rainman148Report a Violation
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