2007 KTM 990 Adventure

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Shipment Title:2007 KTM 990 Adv...
Shipment ID: 758447946
Customer:Ernesto M.
Date Listed:2/18/2014 1:00 PM CST
Date Updated: 3/19/2014 8:23 PM CST
Ended: 4/1/2014 8:38 PM CST
Offer: $600
# of Bids: 2 (0 Active)
Auction Goods:eBay Auction Item Auction, and I have already won
Auction ended on 2/12/2014
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2007 KTM 990 Adventure
Origin, Destination, & Route Information
Pickup: Ready Now

Est. Distance: 2,281.00 Miles
Business (with loading dock or forklift)
Delivery: ASAP
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2007 KTM 990 Adventure
Total Motorcycles: 1
Total Weight: 439 lbs
2007 KTM 990 Adventure
439 lbs
0 ft 10 in. 
5 ft 2 in. 
2007 KTM 990 Adventure
Open Transport, Enclosed Transport, LTL Standard
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Hi it’s Eric with FARMERS TRANSPORTING, Laguna Niguel, CA. How does $599 Sound Door to Door? ((ENCLOSED TRANSPORT)) No Pallet or Crate Needed! Roll on Roll Off Service! I am Ranked #1 in the Country for Customer Satisfaction, On Time Delivery and Care of Goods. ((Carefully read ALL the Feed-Back left by other shippers)) this will give you an idea on how I will ship your bike! I have ((100% Positive Feedback)) with NO Neutrals and NO Negatives! I am a Motorcycle Specialty Transporters who ONLY ships “Motorcycles” I am NOT a Broker! I will ((Personally)) ship your bike Right, Undamaged and On-Time! No Sad stories or Excuses in my profile! Sincerely, Eric D. Farmer, Operations Specialist USN VetReport a Violation
Response: Thanks for your interest, let me think about it, the 500 is the budget that i have rigth now. Thanks Hi Eric do you still available ? The bike is ready for shipment tomorrow if you can . Thanks Hi i am still not beeing able to move my bike , mach 1 cancelled, please let me know if you will be able to do this, i want tomclarify that this is my first time using uship and my first bike ever , my bike has the 3 hard bags and as in the picture is a KTM 990 adventure , please respond as soon as possible Thanks2/18/2014Report a Violation
Response: I booked up real fast in the North East I don't think I will be going to south FL on this run now! Let me talk to Dave we work together.2/21/2014Report a Violation
Response: Oklet me know, thanks 2/21/2014Report a Violation
Hello this is Dave from (MACH 1 EXPEDITED TRANSPORT, PEORIA AZ)It is VERY IMPORTANT not to overlook the (carrier watch) badge in my profile. Also my DOT-M/C numbers!! Without these I wouldn't be a legal carrier or have the proper insurance to cover your bike while transporting for hire. We have over 20 yrs exp with bikes. All we do is bikes! -----ENCLOSED----- $500 door to door (MACH 1 EXPEDITED TRANSPORT PEORIA AZ) can we get this booked ASAP??? Report a Violation
Response: Hi Dave , the bike will be ready for shipment no later than tuesday 25 , let me know if it is ok The bike is allready ready to be ship, would you let me jnow if you still intereasted to close the deal? Thanks2/19/2014Report a Violation
Response: Yes I'd like to book this. I'll pickup a week from Monday and deliver within 5 days of pickup. Let us know ASAP....(MACH 1 EXPEDITED TRANSPORT PEORIA AZ)2/23/2014Report a Violation
Response: Ok , please bid to close the deal, thanks 2/23/2014Report a Violation
Response: I'm ready when you are! (MACH 1 EXPEDITED TRANSPORT PEORIA AZ)2/23/2014Report a Violation
Hello Shipper, I can pick up between the 27th and 2nd of March. with delivery in around 7-12 business days for $545. I provide enclosed transport with full service loading and unloading, Heavy duty blanket padding, along with full insurance coverage. Please advise if you'd like me to place my bid for your acceptance and feel free to ask any questions. I am new to this Website, but have many years of experience. Thank you, Midnight Haulers. Report a Violation
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Accepted 3/15
4.9/5 | 224 reviews
Enclosed Transport
Match Canceled
5.0/5 | 772 reviews
Enclosed Transport