2 heavy equipment items for transport

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Shipment Title:2 heavy equipmen...
Shipment ID: 783681889
Customer:Richard T.
Date Listed:12/9/2013 9:48 AM CST
Date Updated: 1/9/2014 4:51 PM CST
Ended: 1/2/2014 8:49 AM CST
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Auction Goods:No
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Est. Distance: 130.00 Miles
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2 heavy equipment items for transport
Needs assistance loading: No
Total Weight: 14000 lbs
Needs assistance unloading: No
On a truck or trailer: No
Length: 14 ft 0 in. 
Width: 7 ft 0 in. 
Height: 6 ft 0 in. 
Weight: 7000 lbs
Measurements: Estimate (my best guess)
Additional Information: The tractor and army trailer are at Ted Everts Eq. The hual will be almost all interstate, 70E to 475 to 65 S to 64 West, then HWY 135 at Cordon, , South 135 about 14 miles or so, right on the main road. Tractor is about 12', trailer is about 12-14', total weight about 9,000 lbs. Tractor need be at exit end and trailer on tow bar/draw bar so they can roll off trailer, as I do not know if tractor will run. Report a Violation
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Is the trailer road worthy and what's the dimensions? Also can the tractor be loaded on the trailer? Is so I will accept your offer. Let me know ASAP and I will hit the accept offer. I do have a trailer but it's currently loaded but wont take much to unload my equipment. Thank you BT transport. (Brian)Report a Violation
Response: I believe the trailer is road worthy, but it is an army trailer, not for hualing the farm tractor. I would have no need of a hauler if the tractor would fit the trailer. I only have a standard hitch 16 ft flat bed trailer and I think a person will need a 22 ft. goose neck. I do want the trailer on the draw bar/tow bar of the tractor so they can be rolled right of as all have air in tiers. Loading is done by heavey loader, so anyone can be loaded, getting them off is different. To be truthful, I was looking to catch someone who is coming back down this way empty, better to hual something than nothing. Thankyou for your time. 12/11/2013Report a Violation
Hi Richard! Mark here with Sego Transport. I am based in Bloomington, Indiana. I have a 32' dual tandem trailer. What is the total length of both items? MarkReport a Violation
Response: Not sure, but I think a 24 ft tailer will hold them, so your 32 will for sure. I'd say 14ft on tractor (MF super 90), 12 ft on trailer (1.5 ton cargo army trailer), with pital hitch, that will lay on the draw bar, and bolt to hold it. You know of Ted Evert (Monrovia), that's were they are. You know loading will be no problem. Done by heavey loader. For unloading One will need ramps, the trailer need be hooked on the draw bar/tow bar, so they can be rolled right off. I do not know if the tractor runs, so it need be as I stated, they will roll of no matter I buy up there often, the simi driver I use is very busy, and that is not a load for him. Be nice to hook up with someone who can hual a tractor or two. The simi huals five or six tractors. I already responded, but I will say someone else has accepted to posted bid. Was not sure about charges for the listing, looks like me. I am not sure the guy that accepted has a big enough trailer? Please let me know your thoughts.12/11/2013Report a Violation
If they still load up there on Saturday mornings I could pick it up Saturday morning and deliver around noon. I know they used to load then but would like to call and check first. If not I could get it Monday morning. I usually go up there on sale day but did not make this last one because of the weather. I have hauled several things from there and am familiar with the facility and loading. I hauled a truck and tractor home from the august sale this year. I have access to a longer trailer and will have no problem hauling this for you. I have hauled a couple of those 1.5 ton military trailers in the past for a friend so I know what you are dealing with. My username is asamorris, I will place another offer for your consideration. ThanksReport a Violation
Response: To my knowledge they do not load up on the weekends, except if they are doing a weekend sale. I been with them for years. Right now everyone is in Iowa for that sale. I did call and there will be someone up there this comming week. I need to wait until mid week, as you know we got weather comming. I was there the 6th and the Interstates were covered with snow, between Colu, and Seymore the Interstate was closed, but I went on. Took me 5 hrs for 3 hr. trip. You do not want that hauling. I do not want it unloading. I will call Ted E, make sure everything is alright and ready to load, as well as look at the weather. I need a fax # so I can fax you invoices and purchase card copies. Not sure how the system we are working with goes, I pay you when you get here with it as you have my things, know you will get it. I need contact info., as I can call and be called when you get to Cordon. The run is a good one, all interstate, up to (Cordon) new 135; which I am on at Mauchport.12/14/2013Report a Violation
Response: I can do it mid week, whenever works best for them and the weather. I will place another offer and then when you accept it you will get my contact info and I will get yours, then I will give you a fax number you can send the paperwork to. You can pay me when load is delivered. Thanks12/14/2013Report a Violation
Response: Monday looks good as now. I do not believe anyone got all the snow. You will need send me a bid as no acceptance comes up due to the bids expiring or something. I go to respond and only a part to send you a message comes up. Please let me know. The end of this coming week looks ok. I just hit the accept, they wanted a credit card. Can you contact Ted Evert leave some information as to what, when how, how to contact. So we can get this done as we said. No credit for me, I pay or do not get it. I submited new bids, as I found out that I have to pay u-ship fees on top the bid. I also must pay in advance which changed things. Please let me know about trasporting?12/14/2013Report a Violation
I talked to the guys up at ted everetts last week and they said the tractor had not been paid for yet? I may have not talked to the right person but wanted to make sure that was taken care of before pickup was arranged. ThanksReport a Violation
Response: All is paid for, and the office said I did not have to pay in advance anyway. My check has already clear for all. You need give me a week offer as I am of line for a week at times. The weather has not been favorable. As soon as I accept and pay, I should be able to get your info? I then will fax you a copy of the cards and invoice info. You will have a bill of sale or invoice so no one can question what you are doing, were you are going and why. 12/24/2013Report a Violation
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