2 Bedroom House

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Shipment Title:2 Bedroom House
Shipment ID: 550933375
Customer:Bonnie F.
Date Listed:9/17/2011 3:19 PM CST
Date Updated: 9/27/2011 8:32 PM CST
Ended: 10/9/2011 10:59 PM CST
Budget: Place Bid
# of Bids: 5 (0 Active)
Auction Goods:No
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Est. Distance: 408.00 Miles
Delivery: ASAP
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2 Bedroom House
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bed, queen1bike, adult1buffet, base1chair, recliner1
chair, wicker1copier, reg. office1dresser, double1entertain. unit, sml1
exercise eqp, eliptical1ironing board1lamp, floor1lamp, table3
large boxes20medium boxes50mirror, med1night stand1
pictures, poster10small boxes20sofa, 2 seat1sofa, 4 seat1
table, coffee1table, side1table, sml1trash can1
trunk, sml2tv console1vacuum cleaner1 
Additional Information: My furniture is in a 10X15 storage unit in Columbus, Ohio and will be delivered to storage in Bristow, VA. No steps, no house just simple storage. There is no time constraint so can be added to a shipment already scheduled. Report a Violation
Mover, Self Service (customer packs/wraps, customer loads)
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I am here and local in bristow.can we do your move on sunday afternoon. i have a 18" box truck...Report a Violation
Response: which Sunday? What is your fee? I am moving furniture from Columbus, Ohio to Bristow, Va. 9/18/2011Report a Violation
Response: i just bidded for 700+ which you declined, what is the budge and when do you hope to move, we are open...9/18/2011Report a Violation
Response: I didn't decline your bid. I have to talk it over with my family. Because I am moving from storage in Columbus to storage here in VA I don't have a specific time frame in mind. When would you be able to move it? What kind of truck do you have? 9/19/2011Report a Violation
Response: 20" box truck. Just confirm bid and we workout logistics. I am very flexible 9/20/2011Report a Violation
Response: I'm confused with your bid. Are you bidding on the job? What did you do prior to August 2011. It looks like you are new to this work?9/21/2011Report a Violation
Response: oh no, i am new to Uship as a contractor however, i had been in the haulage thing since 2002. what i mean by being flexible is that we have several other trucks plying this routes. never the less, if you thinks our rates is low compared with others, we have come to realise over time that people who move their things to storage are either not fully on ground or they are alot going on, hence we give them rates that are pretty decent to cope with this chages they are currently experiencing.if you have any further questions just ask and we can perform this move for you tommorrow if you wish... oluseyioladapo 9/22/2011Report a Violation
Response: Can you do this next week?/ Say Wednesday?9/22/2011Report a Violation
Response: i can do this this thursday pickup if u confirm my bid. today...9/26/2011Report a Violation
Response: yes9/27/2011Report a Violation
Hello we have a 48' trailer that could load this the week of 9/26 and deliver in the same week. Would that fit your time frame? What is your budget? Thank you CW HaulingReport a Violation
Response: Yes, I'm not in too much of a hurry to get it. I have a tight budget and was hoping to tag along with another load. I'm in a $700 range. I currently live with friends until I find a good job and a place of my own. So my things will be stored in their garage. 9/19/2011Report a Violation
The job is worth the same money whether alone or with another job. Carefully verify the feedback of all bidders.Report a Violation
Response: Thanks for the advice!! I moved to Virginia expecting to be able to go back to Columbus and pick my things up myself with a rental truck. But finding a job took longer than I expected and my income is half of what I expected. I thought I might be able to get a better bid because it is already in storage and is going into a garage in VA. No house with tight corners, stairs ... or other obsticles. Thanks again for the advice.9/21/2011Report a Violation
Response: Thx for the bid request. 9/22/2011Report a Violation
Response: I had to work yesterday and was unable to confirm the bid. If you are still able to move my things from Columbus, OH to Bristow, VA I would like to firm it up this evening. I will need to give you the access code for the storage complex and my lock code. I need to know what day you will pick up and what day and approximate time you will deliver. Thank you9/25/2011Report a Violation
Response: Pick up any day from the 28th on, delivery the second day after pickup. Re-bid is coming.9/25/2011Report a Violation
Hello, my name is Jennifer with Affordable Agape Professional Movers, user name "bmoved2day". We would like to assist you in your moving needs. At this time we can accomodate your moving dates and your budget. This would include basic coverage insurance. We are family owned and have been in business for years. Currently ranked 1st in household moves on Uship. We would need to book this right away to keep the low rate and dates, if interested I will put in formal bid. Hope to earn your business, have a blessed day Jennifer Report a Violation
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Accepted 9/27
4.5/5 | 33 reviews
Mover, Self Service (customer packs/wraps, customer loads)
Expired 9/26
5.0/5 | 229 reviews
Mover, Self Service (customer packs/wraps, customer loads)
Expired 9/24
5.0/5 | 229 reviews
Mover, Self Service (customer packs/wraps, customer loads)
Cancelled 9/25
4.5/5 | 33 reviews
Mover, Self Service (customer packs/wraps, customer loads)
4.5/5 | 33 reviews
Mover, Self Service (customer packs/wraps, customer loads)