1994 Ford F-150

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Shipment Title:1994 Ford F-150
Shipment ID: 897291489
Customer:Scott W.
Date Listed:2/28/2014 9:57 AM CST
Date Updated: 3/15/2014 8:12 AM CST
Ended: 3/23/2014 8:06 AM CST
# of Bids: 2 (0 Active)
Auction Goods:No
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Pickup: Ready Now

Est. Distance: 726.00 Miles
Delivery: ASAP
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1994 Ford F-150
Total Vehicles: 1
Total Weight: 4657 lbs
19 ft 7 in. 
6 ft 8 in. 
6 ft 2 in. 
4657 lbs
12 ft 11 in. 
1994 Ford F-150
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Open Transport, Enclosed Transport, Tow Away
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I can pickup your vehicle Saturday and deliver Monday. My business is fully licensed and insured. Thank you for considering JAHTransports and have a great day.Report a Violation
I am heading in that direction and can pickup your vehicle tomorrow and deliver Monday via 2006 GMC rollback car carrier. My company is fully licensed and insured, [content removed - TSP’s may not include DOT/MC number(s) or FMCSA URL(s) – you can direct members to review your uShip profile] . Thank you for considering JAHTransports and have a great day.In Violation
Hello! We can transport your non running Ford F-150 from Guin, AL to Mchenry, IL for $1189. Please keep in mind that our bid is valid if the vehicle rolls, brakes and steers and the keys are present. Best Regards,Peter at MONTWAY.Report a Violation
Response: your too high 3/3/2014Report a Violation
Response: We appreciate your response. We could offer a lower rate of $1135. Let us know if that would be an option. MONTWAY. 3/3/2014Report a Violation
I’d love to help but I would need a little more money than your offer to move this for you. If you can come up with your budget please let us know. Mike Initial Logistics LLC.Report a Violation
Response: we can only go to 7003/6/2014Report a Violation
I got two way I can move your truck, one is with a car dolly, and pull the drive shaft, two with a tow bar, remove drive shaft and front bumper, thanks and let me know. Report a Violation
Response: car dolly is perferred and you would need to pull drive shaft3/7/2014Report a Violation
Hello is this vehicle ready to go? If you accept my bid you will have my info.and I am the driver. I can pick up tomorrow and deliver next day.Let me know if I can be of assistance. Thanks....JohnReport a Violation
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Accepted 3/12
5.0/5 | 109 reviews
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