1991 BMW K 100 RS

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Shipment Title:1991 BMW K 100 RS
Shipment ID: 894935663
Broker:scatransport (4747+ Positive Feedback)
Date Listed:1/24/2013 12:21 PM CST
Date Updated: 2/24/2013 9:00 AM CST
Ended: 2/22/2013 9:47 AM CST
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Est. Distance: 1,004.00 Miles
Delivery: ASAP
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1991 BMW K 100 RS
Total Motorcycles: 1
Total Weight: 611 lbs
1991 BMW K 100 RS
611 lbs
1991 BMW K 100 RS
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Pick up would be between Feb 2-6 and delivery within 4 days. Can we book with this timeframe? Thank you,Report a Violation
Response: My customer is hoping to find something sooner as his last option canceled last minute. I need to at least wait a few days to try to find something sooner. If you want to make a bid, I can accept it by Monday if I haven't found anything sooner.1/24/2013Report a Violation
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Can this go next week?Report a Violation
Response: Possibly. When next week and when do you think you'd have it delivered? I'd have to check with my customer first.2/12/2013Report a Violation
Response: Pick up Tue/Wed, deliver Fri/Sat.2/12/2013Report a Violation
Response: Yeah that works. I had another truck attempt to pick this up with a ton of delay and quite frankly, the customer is a little annoyed. It's going to be important that there is a lot of communication on this to make the customer feel comfortable and give him reassurance that this will get picked up and delivered.2/12/2013Report a Violation
Response: I tried to accept your network to save the $9.99 fee but it didn't work. Can you send me a request? Thanks 2/12/2013Report a Violation
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