1978 Dodge tradesman van

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Shipment Title:1978 Dodge trade...
Shipment ID: 518040937
Customer:Dan S.
Date Listed:6/5/2008 3:17 PM CST
Date Updated: 6/6/2008 1:24 PM CST
Ended: 6/19/2008 3:17 PM CST
Budget: Target: $750
# of Bids: 1 (0 Active)
Auction Goods:No
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1978 Dodge tradesman van
Origin, Destination, & Route Information
Pickup: Flexible

Est. Distance: 998.00 Miles
Delivery: Flexible
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1978 Dodge tradesman van
  • 16 ft 8 in. 
  • 6 ft 6 in. 
  • 6 ft 10 in. 
  • 5000 lbs
  • Yes
  • No
  • No
Additional Information: I do not know the exact weight of the van. It is a 3/4 ton full size van. I am somewhat flexible with the destination. Casper Wyoming is it's final destination and could be delivered there or somewhere near there. Denver Co would also work. Report a Violation
Open Transport, Enclosed Transport, Drive Away, Other
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I live in Mesa, and could load your van this weekend and deliver in two days for $1096, which includes full value insurance. I am DOT compliant. Check my feedback to read what previous customers have to say. Let me know soon, and I will submit a formal bid. RickReport a Violation
Response: Rick that is a little high for me. Would a Wyoming destination bring that down at all? Casper is where I live.6/5/2008Report a Violation
Response: Casper is more mileage. Ft. Collins/Denver is actually better, earier to secure a return load. Rick6/5/2008Report a Violation
Response: Is the weight of it making it more expensive? I know diesel is crazy, I was just comparing it to other vehicles going from that area of arizona to Montana, WY, SD, ND, etc. like the jag going to Cody wy, etc. I mean no offense (I can't even imagine what a pain this system could be for the service providers), just curious about the factors that are involved. Thank you -Dan 6/5/2008Report a Violation
Response: The size and weight figures into the equation very much. Transport trailers have a finite amount of space, and a finite weight carrying ability, so the goal as a carrier is to make the most of it. In my situation, your vehicle would take more than half of my trailers space and weight carrying ability, so I would have to find a below average sized car or motorcycle to go with it, or transport the van alone. Lots of mountainous terrain between AZ and MT, which consumes more fuel going up, and is harder on brakes on the downhill side. The availability of return freight at the destination is a big factor as well. Lots of things to consider.6/6/2008Report a Violation
Response: If you can still do it at the price you quoted please submit a bid!6/6/2008Report a Violation
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Accepted 6/6
5.0/5 | 41 reviews
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