1974 Yamaha

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Shipment Title:1974 Yamaha
Shipment ID: 223851306
Customer:George F.
Date Listed:11/15/2012 7:19 PM CST
Date Updated: 11/23/2012 2:56 PM CST
Ended: 11/20/2012 7:23 PM CST
Budget: Target: $400
# of Bids: 2 (0 Active)
Auction Goods:eBay Auction Item Auction, and I have already won
Auction ended on 11/10/2012
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1974 Yamaha
Origin, Destination, & Route Information
Pickup: Ready Now

Est. Distance: 1,037.00 Miles
Business (without loading dock or forklift)
Delivery: ASAP
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1974 Yamaha
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1974 Yamaha
1974 Yamaha
Open Transport, Enclosed Transport, LTL Standard
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I can load monday 19 or tuesday 20 and delivery friday 23 or saturday 24 of for 400.I have 50,000 dollar cargo insurance and 100 percent positive feedback.I would have to know asap to make this work.Thank youReport a Violation
Response: Hello, Your price and time to deliver are great and your feedback also looks good. It is my understanding that I cannot do anything until the auction ends on the 20th. This is my second time using u-ship so I'm not sure of the rules. Based on what you've told me I'd like to use your service. Thanks, George11/16/2012Report a Violation
Response: I placed a bid good through 3pm today.You can accept my bid anytime.I am working on my schedule now.Thank you for the response.11/16/2012Report a Violation
Accepted Bid
Price Service Provider Service type  
Accepted 11/16
5.0/5 | 260 reviews
Open Transport
HILNDPRP (305305+ Positive Feedback) Silver Power Carrier uShip Location Sharing: via Real-Time GPS Location Tracking
5.0/5 | 312 reviews
Enclosed Transport