17 foot Mako on trailer - want to ship on a flat b

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Shipment Title:17 foot Mako on ...
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Customer:John S.
Date Listed:7/7/2014 9:43 PM CST
Date Updated: 8/8/2014 9:17 PM CST
Ended: 7/17/2014 9:44 PM CST
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Est. Distance: 1,434.00 Miles
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17 foot Mako on trailer - want to ship on a flat b

Total Boats: 1

Total Weight: 2000 lbs

  • 17 foot Mako on trailer - want to ship on a flat bed. Dimensions are for on the trailer
  • 23 ft 0 in. 
  • 7 ft 6 in. 
  • 7 ft 0 in. 
  • 2000 lbs
  • Yes
Additional Information: Boat on trailer, would like quotes for flatbed shipment. Report a Violation
Open Transport, Flatbed Transport Service
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Flat bed service is going to run you between 2.00 and 2.50 a mile be cheaper to make your trailer road worthyNot in Violation
Response: Trailer is road worthy but I worry about what happens if we lose a bearing or something on the trip down. I have visions of my boat sitting by the side of the highway abandoned. 7/8/2014Report a Violation
John, we can get this done for a reasonable rate but we will need this loaded and unloaded from our trailer.Report a Violation
Response: The trailer is in good condition. I'm trying to save wear and tear on it so I am looking into flatbed first. Did that answer your question. The trailer will roll up on to your trailer no problem with a winch or I guess you could back it on.7/8/2014Report a Violation
Response: We use a custom 45 ft marine transport trailer that this would be sitting on. There are no ramps which is why we would need it lifted on.7/8/2014Report a Violation
Hi Shipper, If you decide to tow, please request a bid. I can pick up your boat within your time frame and bring it right to you. Please click on my name and check out my Co. SURF N TURF SHIPPING and my over 400 100% positive boat feedbacks and pic's. I am the #1 boat transporter on Uship, and Uship's only Double Platinum Preferred Shipper. If this would work or if you have any questions, please let me know and I'll place a competitive bid. Thanks, Davefred w/>>SURFNTURFSHIPPING<<.Report a Violation
Response: Thanks for the note. I'm trying to save the wear and tear on the trailer. Also, I worry about what happens if the trailer loses a bearing or is damaged in some other way on the trip. Does it get abandoned on the side of the highway? I have one flatbed offer for $2400. Why is shipping a boat on a trailer so much more than a car?7/8/2014Report a Violation
Response: Hi and good questions. If your boat trailer has any issues, it will never get left on the side of the road. We never leave your boat. We have a spare and if a spindle goes we will fix or get it towed to a shop. The reason why flatbed cost more is because a boat takes up twice the space and you can not use a car hauler and more work to load and unload. 1400 miles is not to bad a distance and we check the hubs and tires at every gas stop. Most shippers get between 1.15-1.50 a mile to tow and 1.75-2.00 to flatbed. Hope this helps and as you see from our 100% boat feedback, we give you no worries shipping. If you would want towing, please let us know and I will place a bid to tow your boat. Thanks Davefred w/surfnturfshipping7/8/2014Report a Violation
Response: OK, many thanks. I will let you know. Will probably have it towed based on your response. The boat on the trailer is 23 feet long, from the back of the outboard motor to the tip of the trailer tongue.7/8/2014Report a Violation
Response: Ok and just request a bid when you are ready. Have a great day. Davefred7/8/2014Report a Violation
Hi John, Thanks for the request, unfortunately your offer is more in line with tow away service not flatbed. Personally I would have the bearings serviced or replaced and put on 2 new tires. Let me know if that's an option. I can repack or replace the bearings and pick up 2 tire and rim combos and put them on. As you know trailers are designed to roll on the road, I have transported hundreds of boats in this fashion. Thanks again Report a Violation
Response: Thanks for the response and the offer. Just exploring my options. I just had the bearings serviced and tires are in good shape with a spare. Just paranoid I guess. What would happen if you were towing and lost a bearing or a tire?7/8/2014Report a Violation
Response: I assume this is a single axle trailer?7/8/2014Report a Violation
Response: Yes.7/8/2014Report a Violation
Response: You can pick up a bearing kit to go with the boat. In the event you have a bearing failure it can be changed out on the side of the road. I travel with a floor jack and a full set of tools including an impact gun. I service all my trailers, this way I know it's done correctly. I have never had to leave a trailer on the side of the road. This is the most important point, I'm licensed and insured for transporting boats, the boat and trailer will be covered up to $100,000 in the event of a loss. You will receive a commercial certificate of insurance when booked. This will serve as proof of insurance. I have never had a claim but I'm sure you want your investment protected during transport7/8/2014Report a Violation
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