1 Bedroom Apartment

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Shipment Title:1 Bedroom Apartment
Shipment ID: 250068438
Customer:Nathan M.
Date Listed:12/29/2010 2:28 PM CST
Date Updated: 1/6/2011 8:20 AM CST
Ended: 1/10/2011 2:28 PM CST
Budget: Max
# of Bids: 2 (0 Active)
Auction Goods:No
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Origin, Destination, & Route Information
Pickup: On 1/10/2011

Est. Distance: 1,439.00 Miles
Storage Facility
Delivery: On 1/14/2011
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1 Bedroom Apartment
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chair, recliner1lamp, floor1large boxes4medium boxes10
microwave, sml1small boxes10sofa, 2 seat1sofa, 3 seat/bed1
stool, bar2table, coffee1tv, over 21 to 412 
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Hello. This is Titan Moving Services. I will be passing through your area on the 5th and can deliver on the 8th. Would this time frame work for you? Thank you. RobertReport a Violation
Response: I dont leave until the 11. If that happens you guys can put my stuff in storage.12/29/2010Report a Violation
Response: That would be fine. Would there be someone to assist with the load and unload? Robert12/29/2010Report a Violation
Response: unload there would be no help.12/29/2010Report a Violation
Response: O.K. I can arrange for someone to help me with the unload. So you would just have me unload it into a storage unit, or at a different address? Robert12/29/2010Report a Violation
Response: Storage unit12/29/2010Report a Violation
Response: Sounds good. So, I will pick up on the 5th and deliver by the 8th. I will have assistance with loading and will provide labor with the unload. My bid will be $925. Robert12/29/2010Report a Violation
Response: so i only pay 925 and thats it.12/29/2010Report a Violation
Response: Yes. They will charge your card for the deposit of about $105 and the balance is paid directly to me of around $820. Robert12/29/2010Report a Violation
Response: sounds good. I like yor price. 12/29/2010Report a Violation
Response: Alright. I will place the bid. After you accept, our phone numbers will be exchanged. We can then work out the details over the phone. Thank you. Robert12/29/2010Report a Violation
Sorry you job cancelled. I need to move a truck to Dallas on the 14th would 1000.00 even work for you. Direct load and delivery.Report a Violation
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Accepted 1/6
5.0/5 | 271 reviews
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5.0/5 | 137 reviews
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