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Title  Price  Bids  Category  Pickup Drop Off Mileage  Date 
Move a Painting to San Antonio Place Bid - Art Dallas, TX San Antonio, TX 279.00 Miles 5/23/2015
Ship My cadres photographiques sous verre to Paris Place Bid - Art Nantes, Pays de la Loire Paris, Île-de-France 238.00 Miles 5/23/2015
Ship My Large Wooden Carving to Hatboro Place Bid - Art Kailua, HI Hatboro, PA 4,906.00 Miles 5/22/2015
Cheapest Way to Ship a Santa Fe Cascade 1990 by Jim Rabby to Allen eBay Auction Item Offer: $250 - Art Valparaiso, IN Allen, TX 923.00 Miles 5/22/2015
Ship My Large Plexiglass Painting to Abilene Place Bid - Art Midwest City, OK Abilene, TX 304.00 Miles 5/22/2015
Deliver a Large framed painting to Vienna Place Bid 1 Art Iowa City, IA Vienna, Vienna 4,838.00 Miles 5/22/2015
Cheapest Way to Ship a Large Framed Painting to West Palm Beach Place Bid 1 Art Grosse Pointe, MI West Palm Beach, FL 1,301.00 Miles 5/22/2015
Cost to Transport a horse head to El Paso Place Bid - Art Wellington, FL El Paso, TX 1,863.00 Miles 5/22/2015
Cheapest Way to Ship a Painting (4 x 4 feet) to Los Angeles Place Bid - Art Vancouver, BC Los Angeles, CA 1,276.00 Miles 5/21/2015
Cost to Ship a sculpture pierre/livres to Toulouse Place Bid - Art Strasbourg, Alsace Toulouse, Midi-Pyrénées 535.00 Miles 5/21/2015
Ship My Bettison to Adelaide Place Bid - Art Portland, OR Adelaide, South Australia 8,277.00 Miles 5/21/2015
Ship a Painel Decorativo to Belém Place Bid - Art Piracicaba, SP Belém, PA 1,717.00 Miles 5/21/2015
Cost to Transport a bull elk shoulder mount to Palisade Place Bid - Art South Salem, NY Palisade, CO 2,054.00 Miles 5/21/2015
Cheapest Way to Ship a medium framed painting to Ridgewood Place Bid 1 Art Albuquerque, NM Ridgewood, NJ 2,007.00 Miles 5/20/2015
Cost to Deliver a Large Framed Painting to Altamonte Springs Place Bid 2 Art Los Angeles, CA Altamonte Springs, FL 2,536.00 Miles 5/20/2015
Transport My Leaded Glass Window to Vernon Township Offer: $574 - Art Scotts Valley, CA Vernon Township, NJ 2,954.00 Miles 5/20/2015
Cost to Transport a 18x34 Painting to Dallas Offer: $30 - Art Gary, IN Dallas, TX 970.00 Miles 5/20/2015
Cheapest Way to Ship a Bronze Sculpture to Pasadena Place Bid - Art Salado, TX Pasadena, MD 1,513.00 Miles 5/18/2015
Cost to Ship a Need to pack and move 4X6 stretched canvas to Los Angeles Place Bid 11 Art San Francisco, CA Los Angeles, CA 384.00 Miles 5/18/2015
Cost to Transport a Large Frame Painting to Charlotte Place Bid 3 Art Nashua, NH Charlotte, NC 878.00 Miles 5/18/2015
Transport a Escultura En bronce de personaje sentado en banca to Ciudad del Carmen Place Bid 5 Art Guadalajara, Jal. Ciudad del Carmen, Camp. 910.00 Miles 5/16/2015
Cost to Ship a 2 crates from New York to Les Baux in France to Les Baux-de-Provence Place Bid 3 Art Nueva York, NY Les Baux-de-Provence, PACA 3,882.00 Miles 5/14/2015
Transport a Even heat Glass Kiln GTS 2541 to Linden Place Bid 1 Art Buffalo, NY Linden, MI 401.00 Miles 5/14/2015
Ship My pintura grande to Florianópolis Place Bid 10 Art São Paulo, SP Florianópolis, SC 431.00 Miles 5/14/2015
Ship a Picture to Quincy Place Bid - Art Houston, TX Quincy, MA 1,858.00 Miles 5/13/2015
Ship a crated antique painting to Bozeman Place Bid 1 Art Port Matilda, PA Bozeman, MT 1,931.00 Miles 5/13/2015
Move a Large Oil Painting on Canvas to New York Place Bid 1 Art Norman, OK New York, NY 1,508.00 Miles 5/12/2015
Cost to Transport a Large Canvas Painting "Flux" 48"x48" to Thabazimbi Place Bid - Art Buffalo, NY Thabazimbi, LP 8,160.00 Miles 5/11/2015
Cheapest Way to Ship a Wooden giraffe to London Place Bid 3 Art Kempton Park, GP London, GB 5,639.00 Miles 5/11/2015
Deliver a Giant fiberglass Rooster to Atlanta Offer: $800 1 Art Price, UT Atlanta, GA 1,808.00 Miles 5/11/2015
Deliver a quadros to Londrina Place Bid 15 Art São Caetano do Sul, SP Londrina, PR 342.00 Miles 5/11/2015
Transport a Large unframed painting to Abu Dhabi Place Bid - Art Sandpoint, ID Abu Dhabi, Abu Dhabi 7,384.00 Miles 5/10/2015
Cheapest Way to Ship a Large Framed Painting to Dayton Place Bid - Art Pompano Beach, FL Dayton, OH 1,171.00 Miles 5/9/2015
Move a objetos to Londrina Place Bid 12 Art São Caetano do Sul, SP Londrina, PR 342.00 Miles 5/8/2015
Cost to Ship a Busto escultura Simon Bolivar to Miami Place Bid - Art Caracas, Dto. Capital Miami, FL 1,378.00 Miles 5/6/2015

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