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Title  Price  Bids  Category  Pickup Drop Off Mileage  Date 
Move a Sculpture steel powder coated to Los Angeles Place Bid - Art Clyde, TX Los Angeles, CA 1,279.00 Miles 5/2/2016
Move a Oil painting on canvas with frame to Watford Offer: $59 4 Art Etwall, GB Watford, GB 117.00 Miles 5/2/2016
Transport My Pièce céramique to Penmarch Place Bid 2 Art Nice, Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur Penmarch, Bretagne 872.00 Miles 5/1/2016
Move a 3 Large Paintings to Lenox Place Bid 2 Art Austin, TX Lenox, MA 1,884.00 Miles 4/30/2016
Transport My 2 X large framed painting to Los Angeles Place Bid 2 Art Boonton, NJ Los Angeles, CA 2,789.00 Miles 4/30/2016
Cheapest Way to Ship a Large light wood framed painting to Toronto Place Bid 1 Art Reading, MA Toronto, ON 558.00 Miles 4/30/2016
Cost to Transport a Large framed oil painting to London Place Bid 2 Art Stockholm, Stockholm County London, GB 1,285.00 Miles 4/29/2016
Move a Decorative House Model Fragile to Chennai Place Bid - Art Visakhapatnam Port, AP Chennai, TN 376.00 Miles 4/29/2016
Cost to Ship a Large Framed California State Flag to Rancho Santa Fe Place Bid 5 Art Los Angeles, CA Rancho Santa Fe, CA 102.00 Miles 4/28/2016
Cheapest Way to Ship a Large Framed Painting to Beijing Place Bid - Art Gardena, CA Beijing, Beijing 6,256.00 Miles 4/28/2016
Deliver a Large Board to Sudbury Place Bid 2 Art Simcoe, ON Sudbury, ON 311.00 Miles 4/28/2016
Ship My Jelly Fish Art to Nashville Place Bid 1 Art San Diego, CA Nashville, TN 2,036.00 Miles 4/27/2016
Ship My Ship "Slide" to Austin Place Bid - Art Portland, OR Austin, TX 2,305.00 Miles 4/27/2016
Cost to Deliver a Medium framed paiting to Rio de Janeiro Place Bid 1 Art Genève, GE Rio de Janeiro, RJ 5,689.00 Miles 4/27/2016
Cost to Deliver a 6 boxes to Almuñécar Place Bid - Art Merritt Island, FL Almuñécar, AL 4,406.00 Miles 4/26/2016
Cheapest Way to Ship a Large Painting to Milan Place Bid - Art New York, NY Milan, Lombardy 4,020.00 Miles 4/26/2016
Cost to Ship a 60" x 60" painting to Coral Gables Place Bid 14 Art Miami, FL Coral Gables, FL 9.00 Miles 4/26/2016
Ship a Large steel frame to Corning Place Bid - Art London, GB Corning, NY 3,527.00 Miles 4/26/2016
Move a Medium painting to Tavares Offer: $50 - Art Tucson, AZ Tavares, FL 2,008.00 Miles 4/26/2016
Cost to Transport a Large steel sculpture to Livingston Place Bid 7 Art Portland, OR Livingston, MT 772.00 Miles 4/25/2016
Cost to Deliver a pintura com moldura to São Paulo Place Bid 1 Art Fortaleza, CE São Paulo, SP 1,809.00 Miles 4/25/2016
Transport a Radicals DI Props to Knoxville Place Bid - Art Sugar Land, TX Knoxville, TN 944.00 Miles 4/24/2016
Cost to Deliver a Sculpture to Sacramento Place Bid - Art Chicago, IL Sacramento, CA 2,047.00 Miles 4/23/2016
Ship My Cement Sculpture to San Rafael Place Bid 2 Art Charlestown, RI San Rafael, CA 3,059.00 Miles 4/22/2016
Cheapest Way to Ship a Large Framed Painting to Grosse Pointe Farms Place Bid - Art Santa Barbara, CA Grosse Pointe Farms, MI 2,379.00 Miles 4/22/2016
Move a large crated sculpture to Santa Fe Place Bid 6 Art Providence, RI Santa Fe, NM 2,198.00 Miles 4/21/2016

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