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Title  Price  Bids  Category  Pickup Drop Off Mileage  Date 
Move a Need to Ship 18' steel greenhouse posts to Balsam Lake Place Bid - Waste & Scrap Barron, WI Balsam Lake, WI 33.00 Miles 9/1/2014
Ship My Steel I Beams to Gastonia eBay Auction Item Place Bid - Waste & Scrap Lincoln, NE Gastonia, NC 1,136.00 Miles 8/30/2014
Transport My 1 large auto part to Tuscaloosa Place Bid 1 Waste & Scrap Escondido, CA Tuscaloosa, AL 1,964.00 Miles 8/27/2014
Transport a Scrap Metal Load to Livermore Place Bid 1 Waste & Scrap Roseburg, OR Livermore, CA 489.00 Miles 8/26/2014
Cheapest Way to Ship a Baled white goods to Sioux City Place Bid - Waste & Scrap Huron, SD Sioux City, IA 207.00 Miles 8/24/2014
Cost to Ship a 40 toneladas de desecho de llanta to Mazatlán Place Bid - Waste & Scrap Heroica Nogales, SON Mazatlán, SIN 725.00 Miles 8/13/2014

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