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Title  Price  Bids  Category  Pickup Drop Off Mileage  Date 
Ship a small lamb could go in dog carrier to Sebastopol Place Bid - Sheep Harriman, TN Sebastopol, CA 2,497.00 Miles 10/21/2014
Transport a 3 Ostrich chicks to Austin Place Bid 3 Sheep Las Vegas, NV Austin, TX 1,293.00 Miles 10/21/2014
Cost to Transport 2 adult sheep to Peoria Place Bid - Sheep Virginia Beach, VA Peoria, AZ 2,409.00 Miles 10/21/2014
Cheapest Way to Ship a 1 ram 6 ewe sheep and 5 ewe lambs to Exeter Place Bid 1 Sheep Coaldale, CA Exeter, CA 1,939.00 Miles 10/21/2014
Cost to Transport 5 adult sheep to Franklin Place Bid - Sheep Williamsburg, VA Franklin, TN 682.00 Miles 10/21/2014
Ship My One goat to Covington Place Bid - Sheep Leesport, PA Covington, LA 1,189.00 Miles 10/21/2014
Cost to Transport 14 Adult Goats to Cartersville Place Bid - Sheep Riverside, CA Cartersville, GA 2,168.00 Miles 10/19/2014
Ship My 1 pet goat, loves car rides to Clayton Place Bid - Sheep Mount Dora, FL Clayton, CA 2,835.00 Miles 10/19/2014
Cheapest Way to Ship a Adult yearling dairy goat to Wakarusa Place Bid 3 Sheep Dover, PA Wakarusa, IN 576.00 Miles 10/18/2014
Ship My 5 adult sheep to San Juan Place Bid - Sheep Dallas, TX San Juan, San Juan 2,143.00 Miles 10/17/2014
Transport a 50 Sheep, 50 Goat to Abu Dhabi Place Bid - Sheep Port Elizabeth, EC Abu Dhabi, Abu Dhabi 4,462.00 Miles 10/14/2014
Cost to Ship 30 adult sheep and 6 jersey cows to Miami Place Bid - Sheep Spooner, WI Miami, FL 1,778.00 Miles 10/12/2014
Ship My 2 miniature sheep to Kennewick Place Bid - Sheep Cleveland, OH Kennewick, WA 2,275.00 Miles 10/12/2014
Ship a 2 Babydoll Lambs to Bristow Place Bid 1 Sheep Jadwin, MO Bristow, VA 979.00 Miles 10/10/2014
Cheapest Way to Ship a a young goat kid , aprox 25Lbs to Easley Place Bid 2 Sheep Upper Lake, CA Easley, SC 2,725.00 Miles 10/10/2014
Cost to Ship 2 Sheep - Lambs to Frazier Park Place Bid - Sheep Reading, PA Frazier Park, CA 2,699.00 Miles 10/10/2014
Cost to Ship 7 adult sheep and 3 yearling goats to Redding Place Bid - Sheep Wellsboro, PA Redding, CA 2,710.00 Miles 10/9/2014
Ship My 10 Adult sheep for Sénégal to Dakar Place Bid - Sheep Brussels, Brussels Dakar, Dakar 2,774.00 Miles 10/8/2014

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