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Title  Price  Bids  Category  Pickup Drop Off Mileage  Date 
Ship a 2 Yearling Male Goats to Millen Place Bid 2 Sheep Loudon, TN Millen, GA 377.00 Miles 9/20/2014
Ship My GOATS to Pierson Place Bid - Sheep Parsons, KS Pierson, MI 812.00 Miles 9/20/2014
Transport a 4 mo old goat to Brighton Place Bid - Sheep Merlin, OR Brighton, CO 1,293.00 Miles 9/20/2014
Cost to Transport 1 dortest ram to Valley Center Place Bid 4 Sheep Ashland, OH Valley Center, KS 938.00 Miles 9/20/2014
Ship a NIGERIAN DWARF GOAT to Pierson Place Bid - Sheep Parsons, KS Pierson, MI 813.00 Miles 9/20/2014
Ship a Goat to Hollidaysburg Place Bid - Sheep Pleasant Hill, OR Hollidaysburg, PA 2,669.00 Miles 9/18/2014
Cost to Ship 50 moutons to Fresnoy-le-Luat Place Bid 1 Sheep Carlisle, GB Fresnoy-le-Luat, Picardie 557.00 Miles 9/16/2014
Ship My 6 lambs to Fulton Place Bid 3 Sheep Booneville, AR Fulton, MO 343.00 Miles 9/15/2014
Cost to Transport 131 dairy goat does to Turlock Place Bid 1 Sheep Kalona, IA Turlock, CA 1,919.00 Miles 9/12/2014
Cost to Ship 4 adult sheep to Rockwall Place Bid 1 Sheep Kalispell, MT Rockwall, TX 1,911.00 Miles 9/11/2014
Cost to Ship flock of shetland sheep to Johnstown Place Bid - Sheep Brodhead, WI Johnstown, PA 639.00 Miles 9/9/2014
Cost to Ship 15 ovelhas borregas to Lauro de Freitas Place Bid - Sheep Tietê, SP Lauro de Freitas, BR 938.00 Miles 9/5/2014

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