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Title  Price  Bids  Category  Pickup Drop Off Mileage  Date 
Transport a 300 wean pigs to Adair Place Bid - Hogs Dale, IN Adair, IA 593.00 Miles 2/12/2016
Transport a Sally the rescued farm pig - CHARITY to Avondale Charitable 1 Hogs Monroe, NY Avondale, PA 181.00 Miles 2/9/2016
Ship My Mangalitsa to Nobleboro Place Bid - Hogs Howell, MI Nobleboro, ME 993.00 Miles 2/4/2016
Cheapest Way to Ship a 2 baby pot belly pigs to Concepción Las Minas Place Bid - Hogs Marietta, GA Concepción Las Minas, Chiquimula 2,585.00 Miles 2/2/2016
Transport a pigs to Jacksonville Place Bid 6 Hogs Cleveland, TX Jacksonville, TX 132.00 Miles 1/31/2016

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