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Title  Price  Bids  Category  Pickup Drop Off Mileage  Date 
Cost to Ship a Pullmax P6 to Mojave Place Bid 2 Sheet Metal Fabr Aurora, IN Mojave, CA 2,122.00 Miles 3/26/2015
Transport a Wadkin Par foursided planer to Grand Rapids Place Bid 2 Planer San Francisco, CA Grand Rapids, MI 2,300.00 Miles 3/26/2015
Quote for Transporting a Newman planer model 500 to Anderson Place Bid 9 Planer Warrensburg, NY Anderson, TX 1,764.00 Miles 3/25/2015
Cost to Transport a WYSONG 1120 to Signal Hill Offer: $1,300 - Sheet Metal Fabr Plymouth, MI Signal Hill, CA 2,273.00 Miles 3/25/2015
Quote for Shipping a Powermatic 24" Wide planer to Issaquah Place Bid 2 Planer Aberdeen, SD Issaquah, WA 1,417.00 Miles 3/25/2015
Transport a 3 heavy equipment items for transport to Chicago Place Bid 1 Shop Press Hernando, MS Chicago, IL 567.00 Miles 3/25/2015
Equipment Transport Japax LV3 Wire EDM Machine to Delmar Place Bid 1 Air Plasma Cutte Brighton, MI Delmar, IA 439.00 Miles 3/25/2015
Quote for Transporting a Grob 4V-18 to Issaquah Place Bid - Bandsaw Bemidji, MN Issaquah, WA 1,561.00 Miles 3/25/2015
Equipment Transport 8 heavy equipment items for transport to Fenton Place Bid 10 Sheet Metal Fabr Fenton, MI Fenton, MI - 3/23/2015
Cost to Ship a Acer Supra 618 to Hodgenville eBay Auction Item Place Bid 6 Surface Grinder Fontana, CA Hodgenville, KY 2,045.00 Miles 3/20/2015

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