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Title  Price  Bids  Category  Pickup Drop Off Mileage  Date 
Equipment Shipping 2002 HAMM Vibratory Padfoot Compactor 3205P to Eureka Place Bid 5 Vibratory Padfoo Olympia, WA Eureka, MT 547.00 Miles 5/23/2015
Cost to Transport a 4 heavy equipment items for transport to Shreveport Place Bid 22 Compactor New Bern, NC Shreveport, LA 1,086.00 Miles 5/23/2015
Cost to Transport a Strong Manufacturing Placer to La Habra Place Bid 2 Tow Behind Rolle Merrimack, NH La Habra, CA 3,011.00 Miles 5/22/2015
Equipment Movers Sakai CR270 to Georgetown Place Bid 4 Vibratory Roller Germantown, MD Georgetown, KY 518.00 Miles 5/22/2015
Cost to Ship a Stone 34r to White Plains Offer: $500 - Compactor Lake Charles, LA White Plains, NY 1,518.00 Miles 5/22/2015
Cost to Transport a Wacker WP1550 to Hampton Bays Place Bid 2 Walk Behind Comp Frankfort Springs, PA Hampton Bays, NY 487.00 Miles 5/21/2015
Cost to Transport a shovel vibratory roller sb76 to Oakland Offer: $1,000 - Compactor Perris, CA Oakland, CA 442.00 Miles 5/20/2015
Equipment Movers Ingersoll Rand SD70D to Tolono Place Bid 5 Compactor East Grand Forks, MN Tolono, IL 839.00 Miles 5/19/2015
Equipment Shipping Sakai TS160 to Houston Place Bid - Roller San Diego de Los Padres Cuexcontitlán Sección 5B., Méx. Houston, TX 761.00 Miles 5/16/2015
Cost to Ship a Ammann AV26-2 to Gencsapáti Place Bid 1 Tandem Vibratory Zevenbergen, Noord-Brabant Gencsapáti, Vas County 780.00 Miles 4/28/2015
Equipment Transport 4 compactors to Litouwen to Tauragė Place Bid 3 Walk Behind Comp Zevenbergen, Noord-Brabant Tauragė, Tauragė County 948.00 Miles 4/28/2015

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