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Title  Price  Bids  Category  Pickup Drop Off Mileage  Date 
Equipment Movers HUSTLER 400 HYDRAULIC 6 FT DOZER BLADE to Jefferson eBay Auction Item Place Bid 1 Blade Tacoma, WA Jefferson, MD 2,739.00 Miles 9/2/2014
Ship a Oliver White Backhoe to Duck Creek Village Offer: $700 - Backhoe Sahuarita, AZ Duck Creek Village, UT 517.00 Miles 9/2/2014
Transport a Blade + U-frame for CAT D7E to Fontana Place Bid 1 Blade Fresno, CA Fontana, CA 263.00 Miles 9/2/2014
Equipment Transport Packer 18 yard rear load to Minneapolis Offer: $1,521 4 Body Gainesville, GA Minneapolis, MN 1,143.00 Miles 9/1/2014
Cost to Ship a Artic section snow plow to Huntington Station Offer: $1,150 8 Snow Wing Kankakee, IL Huntington Station, NY 857.00 Miles 8/27/2014
Quote for Shipping a McMillen Skid steer rake to Monroe Place Bid 6 Skid Steer Brush Buffalo, SC Monroe, GA 172.00 Miles 8/25/2014
Quote for Transporting a pioneer dump body to St. George Place Bid 5 Body Lander, WY St. George, UT 574.00 Miles 8/24/2014

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