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Title  Price  Bids  Category  Pickup Drop Off Mileage  Date 
Equipment Shipping 100 Boxes, 24" x 17" x 17" each, 4400 lbs total to Los Angeles Place Bid - Textiles, Leathe New Bedford, MA Los Angeles, CA 3,019.00 Miles 9/15/2014
Quote for Shipping a 10 Tubes/Pipes, 60" x 10" x 10" each, 500 lbs tota to Seattle Place Bid - Textiles, Leathe Hamilton, MA Seattle, WA 3,075.00 Miles 9/15/2014
Equipment Movers 5 Boxes, 10cm. x 6cm. x 8cm. each, 250 kg total to Entebbe Place Bid - Textiles, Leathe Toronto, ON Entebbe, Central Region 7,299.00 Miles 9/15/2014
Quote for Shipping a 1 Box, 30cm. x 30cm. x 30cm., 30 kg total to Chillán Place Bid - Textiles, Leathe Chillán, Región del Biobío Chillán, Región del Biobío - 9/12/2014
Quote for Shipping a 10 Boxes, 80cm. x 60cm. x 60cm. each, 250 kg total to Buenos Aires Place Bid - Textiles, Leathe Córdoba, CB Buenos Aires, AR 432.00 Miles 9/12/2014
Equipment Shipping 60 bales of polyether foam to Berwick Place Bid 1 Textiles, Leathe Traverse City, MI Berwick, PA 718.00 Miles 9/9/2014
Ship a 1 Box, 40cm. x 40cm. x 40cm., 25 kg total to Maracaibo Place Bid - Textiles, Leathe Florencia, Toscana Maracaibo, Zulia 5,423.00 Miles 9/6/2014
Cost to Ship a 4 Bags, 30cm. x 30cm. x 100cm. each, 60 kg total to São Lourenço Place Bid - Textiles, Leathe Tangará, SC São Lourenço, MG 660.00 Miles 8/28/2014

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