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Title  Price  Bids  Category  Pickup Drop Off Mileage  Date 
Quote to Ship a mast to Harker Heights Place Bid - Boat Parts Gray Hawk, KY Harker Heights, TX 1,038.00 Miles 8/27/2015
Cost to Ship a Boat motor on pellet 270lb to Dickinson Place Bid 4 Boat Parts Sunset, TX Dickinson, ND 1,179.00 Miles 8/27/2015
Transport a Boat rails stainless tubing to Carriere Place Bid 3 Boat Parts High Point, NC Carriere, MS 752.00 Miles 8/26/2015
Cost to Transport a Aluminum boat. No trailer to Grants Place Bid 4 Boat Parts Owensville, MO Grants, NM 1,057.00 Miles 8/25/2015
Cost to Ship a longtail motor for a duck boat. Will have crate. to Grundy Center Place Bid 4 Boat Parts Muskegon, MI Grundy Center, IA 497.00 Miles 8/24/2015
Quote to Ship a *Tank is empty to Rimouski Place Bid 2 Boat Parts La Crosse, WI Rimouski, QC 1,477.00 Miles 8/22/2015
Cost to Transport a 15 horsepower outboard motor crated to League City Place Bid - Boat Parts Burnaby, BC League City, TX 2,595.00 Miles 8/20/2015
Cost to Transport a One 25hp yamaha outboard on a pallet to Monterey Place Bid 1 Boat Parts West Columbia, SC Monterey, CA 2,616.00 Miles 8/19/2015
Cost to Ship a outboards to Hoppers Crossing Place Bid - Boat Parts Bohle, QLD Hoppers Crossing, VIC 1,293.00 Miles 8/14/2015

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