uShip Promotions

uShip is currently offering the following promotions for shipping customers.

Shipping Customer Promotions
Receive up to a $100 uShip account credit upon completion of your first shipment!
Match Price Account Credit Amount*
$100-$500 $10
$501-$1000 $25
$1001-$2000 $50
$2001+ $100

*All account credits are in US dollars, are nontransferable and must be used within 365 days

Steps to Claim your uShip Account Credit:
  • After you complete your first transaction on uShip, and your shipment is delivered, you must leave feedback for your service provider to be eligible for the uShip account credit promotion.
  • After you leave feedback, click here to see if you are eligible for the uShip account credit and to begin the request process. Note: You must be logged in to your uShip account to access your account Settings and view your eligibility status.
  • From your Settings you will see a "Promotions" section and a "You are eligible..." link, if you qualify for the uShip account credit. Select this link to begin the request process.
  • Fill out all information as prompted, print out the mail-in form and mail it in to uShip (address provided on mail-in form) within 60 days of the date that the match occurred.
  • Please allow uShip up to 30 days after the receipt of the mail-in account credit request form to process this request. Once processed, you will receive notification via email that the uShip account credit is available to be used.
This promotional offering is only valid for your first shipment match. If you have multiple shipments listed, the promotion will only apply to your first completed match. Requests for the account credit promotion on other completed shipments will not be honored.
The promotional period begins March 1, 2014 and may end at any time without prior notice, at the discretion of uShip. uShip will apply a uShip account credit (of either $10, $25, $50, or $100 US dollars based on the match price - see above table) to any uShip member who lists a shipment during the promotional period, accepts a bid of $100 or more placed on that shipment, has their shipment delivered by the uShip service provider who placed the bid which was accepted, pays the selected service provider the agreed upon bid price, leaves feedback for the service provider, and lastly completes the promotional request process within 60 days of the match date. Within 30 days of receiving the mail-in promotional request form, subject to verification of the above qualifications and conditions, uShip will apply the uShip account credit to the shipping customer’s uShip account. If uShip does not receive the mail-in portion of the promotional request form within 90 days from the date of the match, the request will not be honored. This promotional account credit is nontransferable, has no cash value and can only be used on subsequent uShip matches associated with the shipping customer’s account. If the uShip account credit is not used within 365 days from the date issued, then the credit will become invalid and be removed from the shipping customer’s uShip account. Once the promotional account credit becomes invalid it cannot be reactivated.
For the shipment transaction in which allowed the shipping customer to become eligible for the promotion, the uShip account credit offered to the shipping customer does not, in any way, decrease, waive, or change the agreed upon accepted bid amount that the shipping customer must directly pay the service provider, nor the uShip match fee which is charged to the service provider.
Previous Promotions:
The promotional period that began on March 25, 2005, which offered cash rebates of up to $100.00 USD to shipping customers, ended on February 28, 2014. All shipping customers who completed their first match before the promotional end date are eligible for the cash promotion and it will be honored by uShip, assuming that all rebate promotion conditions are met in the allotted timeframe.