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Southern Professional Equine Transport

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Southern Professional Equine Transport

Entity type: Carrier
CDL#: Upon Request
Categories Served: Horses & Livestock, Other Goods, Pets & Livestock, Special Care
Trailer Type: Other
Number of Drivers: 5
Locations Served: US: Nationwide
we are horse people offering a professional hauling service for you and your loving horse . We have great equipment and vehicles are well maintained every 5,000 miles some keep good safe running equipment . We offer Box Stalls , Stall and a halfs, and reg stalls. We stop every 3 hours to re fill all hay bags and to check and look over every horse that is on the trailer . All horse have fresh clear water 24/7 as a good hydrated is a health horse, and everyone knows that good hay and water kept in front of a horse while in transport the entire time will keep a horse form developing a ulcer . We provide electrolytes to all horses the trailer at all times has 4 inches of fresh clean bedding so your horse has a good clean and comfy ride. We look forward to serving your horse with a great hauling experience. Please feel free to ask any questions you may have. Thank you

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