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Premier Relocating Experts

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Premier Relocating Experts

Entity type: Carrier
Carrier Operation: Interstate
CDL#: Upon Request
Categories Served: Boats, Business & Industrial Goods, Food & Agriculture, Household Goods, Household Moves, LTL, Motorcycles, Other Goods, Special Care, Vehicles
Number of Trucks: 1
Number of Drivers: 2
Locations Served: US Local
Trailer Type: Dry Van, Flatbed, Auto Carrier, Removable Gooseneck, Stretch Flatbed, Tanker, Other
Welcome fellow shippers and future clients alike. I'd like to take this opportunity to introduce our company.... PREMIERE RELOCATING EXPERTS. To start, our company motto speaks for itself...“keep it simple!!" We have a vision for our company and have strived to be successful and pass that on to our clients. We'll be honest and true to ourselves and our clients. We at this point offer a simple truck and trailer (box or flat) pulled by a Ford F250. Simple "Hotshot" capabilities, with 15 yrs. combined experience. One item or a trailer full, we'll do the best of our knowledge and abilities to get the job done right at a fair price. Simple. We also offer a vast array of moving services,household and residential, office and commercial, state to state. Our staff can handle your packing needs too. As our company grows we want you and your company to grow with us! Let's keep things stress free and most of all ....simple. Thank you.... Ty and Richie, co-owners, P.R.E.

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