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Entity type: Carrier
Business Type: Independent (with pickup truck/van)
Carrier Operation: Interstate
CDL#: Upon Request
Insurance: If you want insurance will work with you to find it at your cost to you.
Number of Trucks: 1
Number of Drivers: 1
Locations Served: US Local, US: Nationwide
Categories Served: Special Care
Formerly owned a small trucking company with dedicated route for one of the largest companies in the US. Now ship mostly bikes using open pick up trucks. I care about your bikes, I buy them for ebay purposes, so drive all over myself. I dont offer insurance, but you are welcome to purchase it, and in most cases this will be an open trailer or pickup truck, until further notice. I may get a enclosed trailer later. Just trying to offer a good deal so I can make it cost effective to pick up and drop off my own bikes and ATV's. Ive owned almost 20 harleys in the last four years and cant even count how many ATV or other motorcycles, they are my life. Thats why my bids are low. You get what you pay for. If you want full insurance and enclosed, there are many good companies. If you want to get your bike or ATV from point A to Point B fast and cheap, then see me. Smile FAST service, same day most cases, some cases next day. Stay in touch text messaging whole way. Thanks John Blevins

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