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CD'S and JJ'S Paw Pets

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CD'S and JJ'S Paw Pets

Entity type: Carrier
Business Type: Unknown
Carrier Operation: Interstate
CDL#: D500104689130
Insurance: Released Value – $0.60/lb. for no charge
Number of Trucks: 1
Number of Drivers: 1
Locations Served: US: Nationwide
Categories Served: Household Goods, Other Goods, Pets & Livestock, Special Care
Trailer Type: Other
We like the small loads and keeping it simple so we can build a bigger company. I love doing this type of work . I just love people . We aim to keep our customers happy and will take good care of your items. We are smoke free and I know thats a plus for some. We like to stay in touch with our customers so the process can be easy. You can depend on us we are dependable and independent company and we enjoy doing this type of work meeting new people seeing new places. It is going to be a pleasure to serve you and your family in your U Shipping needs. We are a family company we understand every need is different so when it comes to your shipping we understand . WE love pets and if we haul your pet (family member) we will make sure that we make a few stops so they can do what they have to do and give them tender loving care cause they deserve the best and I will try my best to give them everything they need. So get in touch with me and I will try to meet your you shipping needs .

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