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Entity type: Carrier
Business Type: Independent Trucker (Owner Operator)
Carrier Operation: Interstate
CDL#: 06MRD65101
Other Authority: CDL-A
Insurance: Minimal insurance is provided I recommend for high value animals owner insure horse/s for desired value for accident injury /death coverage. I can provide a quote for additional insurance
Number of Trucks: 3
Number of Drivers: 1
Locations Served: US Local, US: Nationwide
Categories Served: Food & Agriculture, Full Truckload Freight, Heavy Equipment, LTL, Pets & Livestock, Special Care, Vehicles
Trailer Type: Flatbed, Step Deck, Dump
Tulip Tree Farm transport division of Tulip Tree Farm with 25 years as a horse owner,farmer and transporter of horses and livestock. I raise Haflingers and have a mini horse. I had 14 years experience as an automotive tech for GM so I run a Chevrolet truck that get's nothing but the highest level of care and preventative maintenance. I have a 0 point CDL A and run a CM horse trailer. The 24' CM trailer has dual axles with brakes on each wheel and a torsion bar suspension offering a very smooth and stable ride. The silver paint reflects heat and stays cool inside. Also there is a temperature monitoring system with a read out in the truck.I can move 4 horses at a time , 8 cattle or 20 sheep. The great feature on this trailer is to have the option of straight load slots or box stalls. It may not be an aluminum skinned 40' trailer but has moved many horses safely and comfortably to their destinations. One consideration is having a gas truck it is extremely reliable vs diesel.

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