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Entity type: Carrier
Business Type: Independent (with pickup truck/van)
Carrier Operation: Interstate
CDL#: Upon Request
Insurance: Anything I transport is covered for liability to $300,000. Cargo insurance is not supplied.
Number of Trucks: 2
Number of Drivers: 2
Locations Served: US: Nationwide
Categories Served: Boats, Household Goods, Motorcycles, Special Care, Vehicles
Thank you for taking the time to read my profile. I have been transporting boats, trailers, motorcycles, and atv's/golf carts through Uship for over two years now logging over 250,000 damage free miles. My feedback is 5 star across the board and 100% positive. I work very hard to keep it that way. I spend about an hour and sometimes more going over every load, greasing bearings, securing loose items, etc... so it arrives to you exactly as it left. You can also compare my cancellations to others you may be considering. You won't find any from me! Again, I work very hard at finding a way to work with you that meets both our schedules and try to do my homework before driving to pick up a load so there are no surprises for either of us. My insurance covers liability for anything I transport up to $300,000. Your insurance will cover any potential damage, though that has never been needed by one of my customers in over 200 shipments! Thank you again and I hope to work wit

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