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zuspan metal salvage

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zuspan metal salvage

Entity type: Carrier
Business Type: Independent Trucker (Owner Operator)
Carrier Operation: Interstate
CDL#: e726477
Insurance: Full Value Protection – additional charge; I have $25,000 Liability damage coverage on all hauls. If you need additional insurance it can be provided at your cost.
Number of Trucks: 3
Number of Drivers: 2
Locations Served: US: Nationwide
Categories Served: Full Truckload Freight, Household Moves, LTL, Motorcycles, Pets & Livestock, Special Care, Vehicles
Can haul loads up two 14,500 lbs on my tractors flatbed and 18,500 lbs on trailer. We started as a scrap metal co. but were looking for other ways of keeping the doors open. I'm very safe and will act as if you shipment belonged to me. I have hauled just about everything you can think of and have been in bis. for 7yrs and have 15yrs of trucking under my belt. We have hauled many backhoes, excavators, cars, ect. We are fully insured and have the experience that you need at a fair price. Zuspan metal salvage Was started as a demolition co. and has expanded into trucking. We use a single axle mack with a 18ft flatbed and a 20ft 12 ton flatbed trailer and hope to add more trucks asap. I hope that we can meet your shipping needs. And we are now running three trucks. Thank you Donald Zuspan

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