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We work to provide a safe and fair environment for the uShip community and to ensure all members enjoy the most positive experience possible. This is based on three main goals: to protect the privacy of our members, to prevent circumvention of the site and to promote professionalism for all parties involved in the transaction. Therefore, we have created rules and policies that are intended to help guide new and experienced users through the listing and bidding processes. Here are some important rules to live by throughout your use of the site:

All communication must be facilitated directly through uShip until AFTER a bid has been accepted

Contact information is not to be posted at any time, regardless of who it belongs to. This includes phone/fax numbers, email addresses, physical addresses, website URLs, social networking sites, etc. This also means that you cannot direct other members off the site by asking them to search for you through search engines, social networking sites or any outside references you may have. This information can be exchanged once a bid is formally accepted.

Bids must be all-inclusive and discussed in all-inclusive terms

Bids must include all overhead costs (travel expenses, food, etc.), fees (uShip or otherwise), tolls, permits, etc. Bids also must include all items listed or discussed on the site. It is the responsibility of both the service provider and the shipping customer to make sure bids are accurate.

Anything you post must be directly related to the shipment or services

We do not allow unrelated chatter, unsolicited legal advice or “warnings” of any kind.

Act professionally and use common sense

uShip is a business site; all members are responsible for maintaining a professional and cordial demeanor on and off the site. We will not tolerate the use of hostile, offensive, profane or vulgar language. Members are also held responsible for following all applicable laws.

All content you post must be your own

Anything you post in your profile, in a shipment listing, on the Q&A Board or within Bid Details must be original and created by YOU.

You cannot discourage other members from uShip tools and products

It is a violation of policy to suggest or demand that another member use or not use any valid tool, product or payment method offered on the site. These items are built with the intention of creating the best experience possible for all users, and we want them to be available to as many people as possible.