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"After a couple of years being frustrated trying to get rid of some junk, in particular an old refrigerator, we never dreamed that we would find someone willing to go the extra mile- not only to charge a fair price, but be so pleasant to work with! It was actually fun getting the things together with this gentleman and trying to figure out how much more his truck would hold. To top it off, he never junks what can be recycled, which we really respect and believe in ourselves! We would highly recommend this guy for future shipments!"
"I can't say enough about uShip and KenCo Motorsports except that I will tell everyone I know who needs something shipped about my experiences and satisfaction with this entire process."
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How to Choose a Junk Hauler

Even though you are just hiring someone to remove your trash, it’s important learn a little bit about the company and their policies before you do business with them. Careful research will help you pick the right junk hauler, depending on your personal needs. A few things to research:


Most hauling companies determine prices based on volume. Your junk hauler should be able to provide an accurate estimate of how much your junk removal should cost. Some companies may offer prices based on services offered. For example, if you are willing to load a dumpster yourself, the company may only charge you for bringing a dumpster to your location and removing it when ready. Make sure to inquire about these types of services or flexible pricing structures.


Choose a company that pledges a good clean-up job, all the way down to a broom-swept floor. This is expected from most junk haulers and should come at no extra cost. Additionally, companies should supply all the tools necessary for removal.

Insurance and Licensing

Before considering hiring a junk hauler, make sure the company you are communicating with is fully licensed and insured with workers compensation, general liability, and auto insurance. While it may seem silly to insure your junk, it is important that your hauler is able to complete the job and you are not liable for any employee accidents that may occur on your property.

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