Fritz Shanty - Karakatchan dog

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Fritz Shanty - Karakatchan dog

Total Dogs: 1

Total Weight: 82 lbs

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Additional Information: Hi,
These are just additional information in regards of Shanti`s transport:
Do you already know about some specific dog hotels, when you would like to stay with him?
We offered 400 Euros, which I think is nice price, If you will read my answer under yours. We counted everything with the highest prices. So you will see the results.
Let us know
Have a nice evening
Best Regards
Tereza Warketin
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Hello, we are actualy on Uship #2 on Pets and #2 on Dogs & #2 in Cats. You have my bid and can see my feedback and the opinion of the owners of past shippings. My bid is a full service, pick-up in Sofia airport, we passed the customs and delivery in Prague airport. We have kennel-box for the transport and can use with not extra charges. If you have some question about my bid,please, ask me. Best Regards. Marc / iPet-Travel / CanCebria Report a Violation
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