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These people just gave the best possible service, at a great price. I was delighted from the start to the finish It was a 12 foot boat bought on eBay I had no Idea how to get it up here to Brampton in Cumbria I filled in a form on line here 2 days later the jobs getting Done. Excellent Service and I fully recommend this company
uShip will remain my shipping auction site of choice henceforth! I'd used a similar site twice before, and both times boat transportation was involved. The site lived up exactly to what it said it would do. It allowed me to find a transporter who'd work to my budget, and my timescale, and to compare costs. I don't plan on transporting many boats, but uShip will remain on my 'Favorites Bar'.
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Prepare your Boat for Transport
When preparing to transport a boat give yourself ample time to complete to necessary steps. Begin planning at least a month before you want the boat delivered so have plenty of time to receive bids and to select your boat transporter. Hire a boat transporter no later than two weeks before the intended delivery date.

It is important to provide accurate measurements of your boat before you post it on the website to receive quotes. Precise measurements allow transporters to provide the most accurate quote and prepare for any permits or licenses needed for safe delivery.

Be sure and review customer feedback for each boat transporter. Also check and verify their insurance policy to make sure it is proper for your situation.

After you select your haulier it is time to prepare the boat for transport. Remove or secure loose items on the boat and follow any specific instructions provided by the boat transporter. Consult your boatyard or marina for any special instructions that would be important for the transporter to know.
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