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"Awful First booking! Horrible inhumane and then shipper threatens me and kids"

shipping from West Palm Beach, Florida to Shepherdsville, Kentucky for $125.00

West Palm Beach, Florida
Shepherdsville, Kentucky
1001 mi.

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Sadly I had a bad shipper on my first trip(t oNJ)really mistreat my 2 dogs on what should have been a 14 hour trip turned into 3 days of being crate bound and lumped together with 4 other dogs in one a pick up truck cab!! I see the shipper also picked up rescue dogs AND bigger dogs all in a tuck dogs were delivered customers were horrified at the filthy condition- covered in their feces and urine stained white coats for dogs they paid 1000 each for. I cried for 3 days and was ill thinking how the dogs must be scared and stressed and it was just inhumane. I made the mistake of prepaying and instead of one day as promised..she took the liberty and decided that this 14 hour drive was going to be 6 days with my dogs stuck in a crate. She informed me she and a towel in there for elimination! On the third day the only reason the dogs were FINALLY delivered was I called FL state police as I saw on her "shipments along the way" links and knew she was in Florida. My one puppy had a medical condition-asthma and she said she had the window down and smoked..with direct air on them. These are HAIRLESS animals with my hairy ones. It was not due to money as a plan trip would be the same money and I thought it less stressful to use uship. I had been the middle man in uship, people had dogs picked up from me and all went well- this was the first I did. i looked at their feedback and it seemed in the last month they ahd delivered dogs on time(1 day) so why this happened I do not know. I was furious and contacted uship and uship was very then the shipper calls my house and threatens me and my daughter(she had answered the phone) to quit "ratting them out" to uship! I had two customers put a hold on payment as the shipper was so shady & the other 2 were so traumatized for 2 days they hid and just shook. They were the ones shipped back to me and I can tell they had to fight for their food..this changed them. SO PAY ATTENTION TO FEEDBACK !!!!

- showcresteds (1515+ Positive Feedback)