2005 Bayliner 288 (no trailer)

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Shipment Title:2005 Bayliner 28...
Shipment ID: 209342458
Customer:Mike K.
Date Listed:10/17/2011 4:19 PM CST
Date Updated: 10/30/2011 2:01 AM CST
Ended: 10/31/2011 4:19 PM CST
Budget: Place Bid
# of Bids: 3 (0 Active)
Auction Goods:No
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Business (without loading dock or forklift)
Pickup: Ready Now

Est. Distance: 933.00 Miles
Business (without loading dock or forklift)
Delivery: ASAP
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2005 Bayliner 288 (no trailer)

Total Boats: 1

Total Weight: 8090 lbs

  • 2005 Bayliner 288 (no trailer)
  • 30 ft 7 in. 
  • 9 ft 10 in. 
  • 15 ft 0 in. 
  • 8090 lbs
  • No
Additional Information: Boat delivered ASAP from Discovery Bay; California to Blaine, Washington and put into water there. Report a Violation
Open Transport, Enclosed Transport, Flatbed Transport Service, In-water Delivery Service, Ocean Freight Container Service, Tow-Away Service
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Hello. I see you want to go asap on this. Does this need to be out of the slip by the end of the month? Sling load required, water drop is fine, insured to 100k during transport. New 18,000lb trailer, custom adjustable bunks. I could get this by the end of the first week of November unless I have a cancellation. Booked solid through then. Target price? Thank you, and please review my profile carefully, including DOT and MC number information. Access info by clicking on the numbers. Thank you, RobReport a Violation
Response: Hi Rob Trying to find shipping cost prior to finalizing the deal to purchase. Only constraint is winter drawing in. We live on Vancouver Island and have to sail from Blaine WA up to Campbell River before weather is too bad. Price from Portland to Blaine was quoted as $600.Using this info my target price would be around $1200. Assuming all goes well end of first week in November would be fine. 10/20/2011Report a Violation
Response: I see. Thank you for the information. OK, so I would bid this at approximately $1450 TOTAL. No extra costs over and above that. Sling load is required, water drop (even in Salt) is ok. I do not charge extra for a salt water drop although it does take a bit of cleaning and preventative maintenance afterwards. I will keep an eye on this and see if you get any other bids. I am sure you will. If I am in the bay area with an empty trailer I could give you a tad bit better rate, but that is actually lower than I would charge. Thank you! Rob10/20/2011Report a Violation
Response: As the deal is not yet finalized on the purchase of the boat I would ask for a couple of days extension while survey reports are completed, say October 28th. Thank you. Mike10/24/2011Report a Violation
Response: OK, I have been delayed with booked shipments that have changed dates a bit. I am booked solid now through the 7th unless I get another shipment prior to yours. It is very likely at least ONE more is going to book in the next 24 hrs. I am getting swamped. I try to please everyone and work with their schedules as much as possible, but I am on a tightrope now. We will see what happens. Thank you! Rob10/24/2011Report a Violation
Response: Rob I see that Uship has their own way of taking payment. Why is this not safe for you? We both would be confident of a good outcome don't you think? Mike10/29/2011Report a Violation
Response: The Safepay is safe yes, but denies the possibility of a deposit. The deposit guarantees your spot in line and provides a cushion should something cause an expense or a delay during your transport. Please read "Terms and Conditions" on my profile page. Rob10/29/2011Report a Violation
Response: Hi Rob I have tried to accept your bid but the system won't let me book the shipment until I give my credit card info for safe pay, or use the deposit method through them. What do I do? Mike10/29/2011Report a Violation
Response: You have to give the card number for the USHIP deposit. It should then give you an OPTION of "Safepay" or not. I hope this helps as I have many customers with the same complaint about the site not being so user friendly. Thank you Mike.... if all else fails, go ahead and use the safepay if you must. Thank you again. Rob10/29/2011Report a Violation
Hello sir. I have been swamped with new shipments and will not be available again until the second week of November at this time. That is IF I do not get any more shipments in the next few days. They are coming in faster than I can drive....let me know when it is a done deal... Thank you. RobReport a Violation
Response: Your new date is acceptable. I will let you know when the purchase is complete. Mike10/26/2011Report a Violation
Response: Excellent. We should be in business. I will be on the road non stop for the next week at least but will check my email as often as I can. If you accept the bid you will have my info and can give me a call. Thank you, Rob.10/26/2011Report a Violation
Hello once again. New development-I was just confirmed booking for another vessel which will alter my timeframe further. I now am booked through the 11th or 12th. At this time your bid is the only one I have active, but most of my recent bookings have been through previous customers or yacht brokers. RobReport a Violation
Hello there. I will be available (at this moment anyway) on the 13th or thereabouts unless I can complete shipments a tad early. Just a heads up. I will rebid at your request. Thank you, RobReport a Violation
Hello there. I have re bid and have put the pick up and drop dates near mid month though I am relatively certain I can move your vessel before then. I will work with you as much as possible to meet your time frame and work with your schedule. Please note there is a 50% deposit upon booking REQUIRED to lock in your place in line. I do not like to be like that but I have been burned twice lately and have lost a ton of money. Thank you. RobReport a Violation
Response: Hi Rob Thank you for the re-bid. I have no problem with wiring the 50% deposit. Please supply account details so we may arrange a wire transfer for you. Note next business day will be Monday. Thanks Mike10/29/2011Report a Violation
Response: I can give you no information until bid is accepted. Rob10/29/2011Report a Violation
Hi I could pick this up Tues for you for 1200. Report a Violation
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Accepted 10/30
5.0/5 | 117 reviews
Open Transport
Expired 10/26
5.0/5 | 117 reviews
Open Transport
4.9/5 | 59 reviews
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