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Entity type: Carrier
Business Type: Independent (with pickup truck/van)
CDL#: Upon Request
Other Authority: Truck licence
Categories Served: Boats, Part Load, Motorcycles
Number of Trucks: 1
Number of Drivers: 1
Insurance: items can be insured.
uShip Location Sharing: via Real-Time GPS Location Tracking
Trailer Type: Flatbed, Auto Carrier
Mature age driver (46) non smoker experienced in towing & friendly customer service I can deliver your. Boat , Car , Wood chipper, Trailers or anything towable that is not currently registered you have a pink slip so I car get a towing permit at the RMS in NSW .please have the pink slip is called in NSW what organised before I tow your possessions. Other state may have a different name such as a Roadworthy certificate any item that I quote on is done by me personally. I will be always contactable via email and Mobil phone so you can find out estimated times I will be at your destination via Mobil phone as I have the latest built in Bluetooth, satilite navigation /GPS I don't mind doing this kind of work its a feel good Community Service delivering you personal items.

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