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I wasn't quite sure what to think at first. I have had terrible experiences moving in the past. I'm very pleased to say though that uShip is an excellent service. I received a bid at less than 50% of regular offers - received it in a remote location within 5 days, and the company I dealt with was extremely professional and communicative. I am not easy to please, and demand high quality service - but uShip and LDM International came through with flying colours. Thanks - I will definitely be recommending this site and the company that handled my order.
Who doesn't dread moving? With uShip, I was able to reduce hassle while cutting my costs by more than half! After getting an extremely expensive quote from a local removalist I posted my listing with uShip and quickly had several quotes and questions from movers. Not only was I able to handle the entire transaction online, but I ended up with removalists that far exceeded my expectations.
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Preparing for your Removalist
Home moves can be very stressful, but advanced preparation will make the process go smoothly. Once you have a general idea of the size of your move, you should decide the level of service you want from home removalist company.

There are several levels of service to choose from. Full-service removal companies will take care of the entire process of loading, moving and unloading your belongings. Self-pack movers will move your belongings, but you must take care of loading and unloading. Self-service is where you rent a lorry and complete the entire moving process on your own.

When you decide on the level of service you would like you can begin listing the home move on our website. Make sure that you inquire about insurance information as well as asking for references or feedback about their services. Be sure that any estimate you receive includes any extra fees such as petrol costs or other surcharges.

When your removalist arrives on the day of the move, be prepared. Any delays on your part can lead to extra charges or complicate the delivery schedule. Make sure that you have completed any special preparations your removal company may require.

What are you Moving?

The first thing to sort is what you will be moving. Moving time is really good opportunity to sort through the lofts, garages and sheds and have a rid out of surplus and unused items. Consider selling them on eBay – uShip’s eBay transport center will help with tools to make the process easier. Make sure that you discuss with your buyer which items they will be taking along with the house, known sometimes as the inclusions. Don’t assume that just because you don’t want to take something with you that they’ll be happy to have it left behind, it is your obligation to leave your house free of all items other than those specifically agreed in the contract.

Don’t assume that everything you don’t want is junk either. There are always people out there that can make good use of things you no longer want, and it helps save items from ending up prematurely on landfill. Takers usually arrange their own collection so it is no extra effort to you, and if your takers don’t have suitable transport you can point them towards uShip where they can find transport companies that will happily move individual items such as furniture and household appliances. White goods are always wanted on recycling websites, even if they are old and inoperable, and recycling them through community networks is actually a lot easier than taking it all down the nearest tip.

Don’t underestimate on amounts or dimensions. If you overstate the amount of belongings that you are moving, the worst that can happen is that you’ll end up with some empty space on the truck. If you underestimate, you run the risk that the removal van sent for your job will be too small, and that not all of your belongings will fit on. This will mean that the removal company will either have to send a larger or additional vehicle, so extra costs to you, and there will be delays. With most removals happening on the day that the new owners want to move in, delays can be very awkward and problematic.

When are you Moving?

The best time to get a firm removal quote is when you have exchanged contracts and have an entry date. Once you’ve exchanged contracts the house purchase then becomes legally binding, and the solicitors should have checked and confirmed all the details that could result in a delay.

With uShip, you can list your removal for quotation and request re-bids if your dates change. Keep your removal company informed of all date changes; it won’t be surprising to them, it’s very normal in this industry.

How are you Moving?

In Australia, most removals mean that you as the homeowner will pack and prepare everything for loading onto the removal lorry. The removal company will normally send a number of removal assistants that will load the lorry for you, transport everything to your new house, and unload the boxes and furniture into the relevant rooms in your new house. It is therefore very important that you clearly label all boxes and furniture with their destination rooms, and that the removalist company knows which room is bedroom 1 and which is bedroom 2. This type of removal service makes unpacking much easier.

If you opt for self loading don’t just unpack everything into the nearest room. Professional removal companies make it easy by only moving something once. Don’t make hard work for yourself by unloading into the first room, and then having to move it all around again.

Who is moving you?

An important step in moving is hiring a removalist company with whom you feel comfortable. Common sense, a little research, and asking questions will go a long way in finding the moving company that will best fit your needs. uShip connects you with thousands of moving companies and provides you with their customer feedback. Take some time and look at what past customers have said about them, they care about their reputations and so should you.
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