Our Mission

Since we launched uShip in 2004, our mission has been to be the world's leading online solution for shipping anything, anytime, anywhere. We are very passionate about empowering buyers and providers of transportation services to efficiently conduct business on an unbiased, transparent and competitive platform.

What We Believe In

Never stand still -- always experiment and innovate
Behind the scenes at uShip, we’re continually testing and retesting products, processes and assumptions. This innovation and experimentation is what continues to refine and improve the efficiency of shipping and transport across uShip’s marketplace. But this experimentation and innovation means nothing without shipping customers’ willingness to fulfill their transport needs in new ways and transporters openness to try non-traditional methods of operating their shipping businesses. Together, uShip, customers and transporters are collectively successful.

A transparent, collaborative, trustworthy environment produces the best results for customers, colleagues and partners
At uShip, we have lively discussions about key decisions we’re making as a business. We find these healthy and beneficial, and they establish a system of internal checks and balances. Despite differences of opinion, these discussions don’t get personal – they remain focused on the business and creating the most efficient transport marketplace for our shipping customers, transporters and partners. Every day on the uShip web site, thousands of shipping customers and transporters alike are empowered through a transparent, peer-to-peer environment where each can establish a reputation, build trust, communicate pricing and more.

Think BIG, act small
The greatest inventions and innovations always start with an initial step, whether you’re an airline, search engine, pizza delivery company, or online transport marketplace. uShip’s vision is to be the world’s leading online solution for shipping anything, anytime, anywhere – but this won’t happen overnight. To achieve this, it requires the uShip team to take daily steps both big and small toward that ultimate goal and purpose.

A level playing field based on democracy, competition and fairness creates success
uShip has done for transporters what eBay has done for online sellers – we've leveled the playing field. Now, small owner-operators and larger freight carriers have the ability to compete for the same business. This paradigm shift is based on fair, transparent pricing and open communication between customer and carrier, facilitated through uShip's Feedback and rating system. When both parties participate in this model, the uShip marketplace is fortified and all parties benefit.

Keep uShip Weird
Much like the theme of our headquarter city Austin, Texas (“Keep Austin Weird”), uShip has a culture that’s a tad unorthodox with multiple ethnicities and points of view. It’s this diversity that makes uShip a fun place to work, and it also helps that we don’t take ourselves too seriously. We enjoy spending time together, playing paintball, floating the river, playing ping pong, competing in scavenger hunts, and more.

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